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Education about diabetes  helped me. It can help you. 

An Engineer's Story in His Own Words

I was in a diabetic coma and almost died with a blood sugar level of 1337 - more than 1200 points above normal. Also, I was on insulin, 4 shots a day, Coumadin (a blood thinner), and Lipitor (for my cholesterol).

Today, I take no medications and my blood sugar and A1c are in the normal range.

Here is a PDF copy of my personal medical file. 

p.s. My doctor gave me a copy of my medical report because he told me that I would need it to prove to people that I wasn't exaggerating about my blood sugar being over 1300. 

Education Is The Key!

Educating myself about how to better manage my diabetes was key to my recovery from the coma and the 4 insulin shots a day. 

When I was growing up, my parents taught me and my siblings about the importance of school and getting an education.

But, when it came to our health, it wasn't really that important, probably because we never got sick. Plus, we had a great town doctor who everything loved.

So, when I came out of the coma, I relied on my doctors and nurses who did a great job saving my life and educating me about how to manage my diabetes. 

But, things started to change when, for the first time in life, my doctors couldn't answer my questions!

So, like most engineers, I started researching about diabetes to try to understand what was happening to me.  

Wow! Once I truly understood what was happening, it was so much easier and less frustrating to figure out what to do!

Don't you feel the same way? Aren't you just a little frustrated and tired of fighting something you don't really understand?

How are you expected to manage your diabetes 24/7 when you haven't been told everything you need to know?

Well, we can help you with that -- we can answer your questions or send you the free ebook

Benefits to You: Why You Should Try Our Program

Imagine living a healthier life !

The DTD Type 2 Diabetes Management Program is the right program for you because:
-- It has a 93.1% success rate.
-- It is easy to follow and implement.
-- It was developed by an engineer.

-- It lowers and stabilizes your blood sugar
-- You're able to lose weight and belly fat 
-- You learn how to enjoy eating comfort foods 


    FYI: Here are some testimonials from people just like you who have learned how to use education to better manage their diabetes.

    Amazon Testimonials -- Death to Diabetes

    And, here are testimonials from doctors who have used our program to help their patients.

    And, below is somefeedback about Death to Diabetes from people on Facebook:

    Just like these diabetics, you can begin to imagine a better life by managing diabetes!  Just, take action to make it happen by downloading our free ebook

    Please Note: There is no official medical cure for Type 2 diabetes but, that doesn't mean you should give up and rely on drugs for the rest of your life!

    There is a lot of information out there that proves that diet and exercise can help people with Type 2 diabetes. 

    Now, we can't make any promises, but, we do know that your diabetes isn't going to get any better without some help.

    We are here to help you -- that is our pledge to you.

    Just take that first step and you'll be on your way.

    Next Steps

    1. Call our toll-free number (1-800-813-1927) with your questions or concerns.

    2. Don't want to talk? That's okay. Just fill out our Contact Us form. I promise you that we will respond to your questions and concerns.

    3. Download our free ebook and try the program for 1-2 weeks to see if your blood sugar starts to come down.

    4. Join us on Facebook if you want to meet other diabetics or read some of my latest diabetes research. You can also see how other diabetics around the country (and, now around the world) are using my book and my program.


     Get Free Ebook: Try Our Diet

    If you want to control your diabetes instead of your diabetes controlling you, then, download our free ebook.

    Learn from an engineer who figured out how to better manage his  diabetes and live a healthier life.

    Try our low carb diabetes diet for 7 days and watch your blood sugar start to come down!

    Once you measure your blood sugar and verify that our diet works, then, you'll know that our diabetes program can help you to better manage and controlyour diabetes.

    A Second Free Ebook!

    Say Whaaaat?!

    In order to really help you with your diabetes, one free ebook isn't going to do it.

    So, I thought that I would offer a second free ebook to those of you who follow the instructions in the first ebook.

    But, if you don't want another ebook, then, we'll offer a complementary health coaching consultation to help you identify why you're struggling with your diabetes.

    What's the catch? Why are we doing this?

    Because once you try the program and see that it works, you'll come back to learn more about how to control your diabetes instead of your diabetes controlling you.

    If you've watched any of my videos on YouTube, then, you know that I am passionate about fighting this disease and helping other people with diabetes.

    FYI: Most people who read the first ebook and try my program either email us or call us back with excitement in their voice. They're excited because they were able to lower their blood sugar for the first time in months and felt energized on top of that.

    Most of them end up ordering the book, and, some of them sign up for the second free ebook or the complementary health coaching consultation. 

    Years ago, when I first started running diabetes classes, I met a lot of diabetics when I worked as a volunteer for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). 

    As the story about "the engineer who survived a coma and a 1337 blood sugar" spread around the community, more and more people started showing up at the diabetic support group meetings and training classes.

    Back then, talking to diabetics was exciting because I could see by the look in their eyes that I was saying something that made sense and would actually help them.

    Then, when, they returned a couple of weeks later for the next support group meeting, they were even more excited because they tried one of my meals and it helped them!

    And, this, in turn, excited other people who could see and feel the excitement from other diabetics in the meeting.

    But, it's difficult trying to create that same excitement here on a web page and get you excited the way other diabetics got excited in our meetings.

    So, don't give up because of my boring writing. :-) Give it shot -- you won't regret it. 

    What Now?

    After you read the first ebook and try the program, you'll realize that I'm not some crazy person :-) and that I really know a little bit about managing Type 2 diabetes. :-)

    Feel free to contact us with your questions at any time.

    And, if I'm in the office, I'll gladly answer all of your questions and give you some insight into how to better manage your diabetes.

    However, if you're ready to sign up for the next free ebook, or sign up for one of our free training classes, just let us know.

    On the other hand, if you want to jump to the answer, then, you can call us or place your order online for my Death to Diabetes book (or expanded ebook if you prefer a download).

    Now you'll be able to implement the rest of my diabetes program and begin your journey to better health.

    This is the book that the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about! Hmm-mmm  ...  gee, I wonder why?? 

    Juicing, Keto, LCHF & Low Carb Diets

    If you're only interested in the diet portion of my book to lower your blood sugar, then, read our Power of Juicing page or Low Carb Diets page. 



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