If you are interested in generating a business income, one of the 4* ways that you can accomplish this is with the Death to Diabetes Program as an affiliate. 

All you have to do is fill out the Affiliate Request Form below; and, explain your role/experience as an affiliate and what product(s) you plan to sell. 

We will provide you with a DTD Affiliate Code for tracking purposes. If you refer a friend, family member or someone in your community to the author's book, you will receive a sales referral fee if your referral purchases the book or other DTD product.

DTD Affiliate Request Form

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*How to Make Money with the DTD Program

If you are a healthcare professional or health advocate, there are 4 major ways that you can generate additional revenue for your business by using the Death to Diabetes Program:

1. Affiliate Program: You can join our affiliate program by filling out the form (above).

2. Sell Books: You can purchase our books at a bulk rate discount and sell them at retail. Contact our office for the price points.

3. Conduct Workshops: Use our DTD Health Coaching & Training Program to run your own workshops and training classes.

4. Provide Health Coaching: Use our DTD Health Coaching & Training Program to provide health coaching to your diabetes clients.

Note: For more details, please contact our office.

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