Author Sidebar: I didn't really care much for Facebook when it first got started. My daughter tried to get me to join, but, I told her that, based on the demographics (at that time), the majority of the people were younger people in their 20s and 30s. And, people in that age range aren't really concerned about things like Type 2 diabetes. 

Well, I finally gave in and joined a few years ago. Although I haven't gotten really involved with a lot of posting, I have met a lot of people who were either diabetic or they knew someone who was diabetic.

And, as it turned out, the young people, who I didn't think would be interested, turned out to have parents, aunts and uncles with diabetes!

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July 8, 2016
Connie Mistler Davidson:
Death to Diabetes is one of those books that can help you whether you have diabetes or not. It is filled with information about nutrition and how various foods, vitamins, and minerals affect the way that your body works.

The meal plan is a good one. Basically, it is an anti-inflammatory eating plan. DeWayne McCulley has invested a lot of time into finding research and data to support the ideas that he puts forth in his book.

I will be honest with you, I didn't believe that it would work. I actually made fun of the commercials. Then, a man in a forum that I visit said that his wife put him on the eating plan. He lost weight and in less than two months had cut his diabetes medication in half.

I was intrigued and tried the plan. It worked. I felt better, and I lost weight. My joints didn't hurt as much. When I went to the doctor for my annual blood work, I had better results than I had in years! It was amazing!

I bought this book in both paperback and Kindle formats. That is how much I like it. A friend who is a medical doctor got a copy for a Christmas present from me.

I highly recommend it to people with diabetes and folks who just want to help their body work better. It is a winner!

June 25, 2016
Kath Brooks:
The Death to Diabetes Book by DeWayne McCulley is written in plain language, and very easy to understand and follow - and as such, it's easy to put into practice. That alone make it worth every cent. Mr. MCulley shares his own experience with the disease and provides a clear outline of nutrition and meal plans that make sense. Big Pharma wants to treat the symptoms and doesn't want you to be cured, because there is no money in that for them. I highly recommend this book!!

June 3, 2016
Anoop Nain:
Hi, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and I love your content and the lessons you share with your readers. Every time I read a post, I feel like I’m able to take a single, clear lesson away from it, which is why I think it’s so great.
I just wanted to give you a heads up about my new project, Beato/ As a vivid reader I come to know about your diabetes so i want to publish your story on my site.
Beato has 35k+ downloads and good presence on social sites too.
Let me know what you interested, I'm excited to hear back from you!
Keep Up The Good Work.
Anoop Nain

May 27, 2016
Zhana Books: I had a great chat with DeWayne on the phone today. Such a wealth of information! Thank you so much, DeWayne!

April 3, 2016
Christine Anselmo Justice: Only been on. The Death to Diabetes 5 years. Loving the readings. My doctor still says it is just a matter of time. Thanks for the book and caring for others.

February 16, 2016
Erin St. Clair Shreve: Do you NEVER have a day when you want something for breakfast besides MORE GREENS? Listen, my A1C was 10.2 and I went blind in Oct 2010. A friend sent me Death to Diabetes. My doctor scoffed. By March my A1C was 5.1. So, I Know how to eat. But, sometimes, I WANT a waffle or a pancake. Oh, that's what I said on my post: Now and then I REALLY want a waffle or pancake. It also takes me over a year to use an 8 oz bottle of Agave, so I don't think I'm too off track to eat a waffle once a month or so.

January 30, 2016
Donna Smith Brown: So glad you have been sharing your story!! That is how we help each other!

February 4, 2016
Sandra Conerly Mangrum: I just love his wisdom and knowledge!

November 17, 2015
Jessica/DTD: OMGx3!!!! :-o I just realized something! -- You're Mr. McCulley's daughter (Cynthia)!!! Right? He talks about you all the time!! You're a legend around here! (along with his mother) ...
Death to Diabetes Office

Cin McCu Brown: Lol I am! My Dad is the best! He has my back covered. I learn so much from him. I'm no legend though. Lol That was funny.

November 15, 2015
Donna Lilly Durham: I just started watching your videos on You Tube. I agree with what you teach. I don't have your book yet but I am going to get it. With the information I have gleaned I started today eating your Super Meal Plan. I'm Type 2 since 1995 (ish). I take Glipizide and Metformin, no shots. My recent HbA1c is 10.9. I know. Not good. My doctor wants me to retest the end of January. He says he will need to put me on an injectible med if my number hasn't improved. I am happy to get this post that reversing Diabetes is indeed possible. Thank you for sharing your life history. It is encouraging to those of us who need help and hope.

November 4, 2015
Rosemary Connolly: Since buying your book 4 months ago I have not looked back,my blood sugar is going down and I am no longer taking metformin,before I got your book I was so restricted on what to eat,now my diet is so tasty,I bought a good blender and make my green smoothies every day,now I am strong enough to venture a bit further,Gods food all the way...xox

August 20, 2015
Amin Paris: Excellent Article. Well said Dewayne. I fall along the same lines and thoughts. Have been talking about it quite a while now. Superb. God bless! May he always instill us with his love, knowledge and wisdom in order to achieve to a better world. We are the new Prophets by the grace of the Almighty!

March 29, 2015
Sal Ramirez: Hi everyone, I know we're all in here because we want to make lifestyle changes that will give our own bodies the ability to heal itself. With that come side effects which are beyond belief. Lot of energy, better looking skin, weight loss and even weening off drugs. I am on my first month and the DTD program has worked amazing for me my BG levels are between 85-110
Even when I occasionally eat some dead foods. I started weighing at 195 lbs and now weight 166 lbs. Which is wonderful. But I would like to know if there's a way that I can get a little but if weight back without straying from the program. Your help is greatly appreciated.

January 23, 2015

Paula Hurst: You can do it. I started DTD protocol. .yes I crave..yes I go off a day or two. .not completely tho...anyway lost 50 meds for over two years. Taylor it to you..that's the trick.

January 6, 2015

Jacqueline Harris: I just ordered my e-copy of the juicing book. Went straight to a recipe and made it. Not bad at all. Thanks so much for this DeWayne McCulley and everything you do to help.

December 6, 2014
Amin Paris: Are you healing yourself long term or are you just covering up the symptoms? The remedy for diabetes has been given to you by Dewayne's own experiences & results...

June 30, 2014
Anthony Collins: A great book to follow if you have diabetes.Followed Wayne's recommendations and dropped from 65 to 52 very pleased thank you very much would recommend books to all Tony

April 3, 2014
Jim Haun: All diabetic's should honestly consider this valuable information on proper nutrition for diabetes.

March 27, 2014
La Grand Negrita reviewed Death to Diabetes: Reverse T2 Diabetes in 90 Days — 5 star
Dear Mr. McCulley, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the book that I ordered along with the DVD and the additional items that were included in my order last week. I come from a family (both mother/father sides) that have a history of diabetes. I, myself, have work to do because recently, according to the readings that I am receiving from my doctor, I am showing up as a diabetic. So, I have a lot of study,, self discipline and self work to do. I will be passing along your information to my family members. Thank you for doing what you do. Peace and much continued blessings.

March 8, 2014
Colette Crum-Coates reviewed Death to Diabetes — 5 star
I know this diet works because I have been following the plan without realizing it. I stumbled upon Mr. McCulley on utubel I am waiting on the book to tweak what I have been doing. My sugars were running 230 to 300 with an A1c of 8 and previously 12. I was dismayed because my doctor put me on 2 shots of insulin a day. Every morning I was on the verge of tears because I had to inject myself. So I started eating low GI fruits and vegetables gave up white flour, sugar, artificial sweetners,dairy. ate 6 ozs of meat a day etc. To my amazement my sugar plummeted. I stopped the insulin because my sugars would drop too low if I took it. This morning my sugar reading was 113. I keep track of my sugars on a app called on track which also graphs and averages your sugar readings. My doctor told me to forget the insulin and keep doing what I'm doing.

March 4, 2014
Carol Tegerstrand Juillet: I came to the point where I needed to take charge of my health. I didn't believe the doctor when he pointed his finger at me and told me that I could never reverse the diabetes or the damage it had already caused. He also said that even if I got my blood sugars completely under control that the disease would still take its toll. At that, I just zipped my lip. I took myself off the drugs about 10 days ago. I'm already doing as well as when I was taking the metformin 2x's a day. Prior to that my levels were dipping down to the 50's when just doing some walking. Breakfast is the hardest for me, will check out your Super Breakfast. I don't expect this to be easy at first but by the grace of God I will succeed! And I ordered your book from Amazon just a couple hours ago! Can't wait to get it in the mail!

February 11, 2014
Naseem Maat: This is the most powerful book I have ever read on health and wellness. It needs to be read by everyone who is going through a health crisis; or if you want to prevent any type of disease. DeWayne has written a book that exemplifies his credibility which is baffling the medical community. I have read this book ten times and when I talk to people about his book they are shocked to know that such a great book exists. When you finish reading this book; you are going to be very angry with your doctor; but please understand that’s how the medical community was educated. We need to stand together and educate people about Death to Diabetes. Because with this knowledge from this book we can cure any thing.

January 17, 2014 ·
Kelly Kc: "Dr Mercola, Mike Adams, DeWayne McCulley in 90 Days, Jim Rohn, are a few who I will call leaders. Natural leaders."

January 4, 2014
Rainna Raquedan Canal: reviewed Death to Diabetes: — 5 star
This book is awesome as it breaks down what every food etc. actually does for your body and blood sugar. I learned a lot more from this book than from any doctor or dietician I have ever met.

July 27, 2013
Frank McDonald: Well here I am in July. Just a quick follow up and fill in. I see it's been about six months since I visited this site.
I am still healthy and drug free.
My blood sugar is still riding perfectly ...
And when you succeed the victory is sweet.
Mr. McCulley thank you.

August 17, 2012
Mike Bonventre: reviewed Death to Diabetes
I am waiting for your book. I appreciate the phone call and I am very excited about getting started. I don't trust easy and was thrilled to hear about and speak to an author who actually lived the success rather than one writing about it strictly based on research. I stopped taking all meds other than Metformin 8 weeks ago. I cut that in half and for the first time I am losing weight slowly 64 lbs this year, my sugar levels are slowly coming down without the huge jumps and I am feeling good. I have been documenting everything and can’t wait for a structured plan from an actual person who created his success.

September 23, 2013:

Had my routine checkup, got my A1C results today. In normal range now and down to 5.5, estimated average glucose of 111 mg/dL for last 3 months. Very cool, thank you DtD.

    Baseer Ahmed

August 27, 2013:

If anyone out there is on the fence about whether or not to order the DTD book and any other materials, let me just note how incredibly valuable these tools are. I bought an earlier edition of the book some years ago, then loaned it to a friend who never returned it. Of course, I certainly hope they put it to good use, but I missed having my own copy.

This past week, I really wanted to re-read some things for inspiration so I went ahead and ordered another copy though the DTD website. Received it yesterday. WOW! So much helpful extra material was included. Now, I'm really excited and feeling re-invigorated in my ongoing quest for optimal health.

I know from personal experience, this program works and when you buy the book through the website, all the perks they describe are so valuable to your wellness journey. Best 25 bucks you'll ever spend. Many thanks to DeWayne McCulley and the entire DTD team for their generosity.


August 15, 2013:

 I'm not a medic by any means, but I'm sure if you work with these fine people and find a Dr who is willing to help you every step of the way it's not to late. My opinion is it's only too late when you stop breathing. The death to diabetes book is superb. Have a talk to the staff here also, they are very professional but treat you like a friend. Stay strong, being scared is something we can all relate to. I'm not an emotional man but when I was told I was type2 i cried my eyes out, I didn't want to die, like most of us.

I do believe in God although I'm not religious. I want to believe my prayers were answered because the next day I found this man on YouTube.

    Frank McDonald 

May 3, 2013:

Got my a1c test today and it was 5.1. Thank you very very much D2D for helping me to beat this disease. Victory!!!! Woohoooo.
   Jesper Sørensen

June 23, 2013:
Found your website the other day and have started my meals already. Salmon, cauliflower, water and green juice for breakfast. Excited that I have already seen a 30 point drop on fasting blood sugars. Thank you so much!
    Laurie A Nitschke

January 21, 2013:
I took my diabetes into my own hands 6 months ago. I've lost 41 lbs. Previously took 5 insulin shots a day (or more). I was on 65iu of 70/30 twice a day and 14 iu of regular before each meal and as needed for spikes. Within 2 weeks I was completely off the regular and my 70/30 is down to 16iu twice a day. Next month I go to the doctor and am hoping I can get off of it completely! I juice my breakfast every morning and can't imagine doing anything else! About 15 minutes after my juice I can feel my skin tingling from the increased oxygenation! My energy level has increased tremendously, and with it, my self esteem! I've gone from a size 20 to a 14. My goal is to get to a size 10. Oh, and the local free health clinic asked me to teach some of their diabetic classes and heart healthy classes. We don't have to be a victim any longer!
    R.S. Davis

October 27, 2012:

Must read!!! Buy his (Death to Diabetes) book and take action, It works.
   Larry Downing

October 27, 2012:
It's been a while since I have written anything here. To anyone who doubts and are wondering if this method of Mr. Dwayne McCulley works? Yes it does. Since losing 57 kilos of weight and following the book religiously I have been Type 2 diabetes free for over twelve months. You need the conviction and passion in your goals. I am no longer on medication of any kind. I eat sensibly and exercise a LOT. Sadly there are people (family members seven in all) who, even with living proof continue to bury their heads in the sand ... My blood sugar has never rose above 5.4 in eight months, it's not just reversed I know I am cured. My doctor is so proud of me and I of myself ... I have not had a cold in over twelve months and a lot of other issues are nearly non-existent. So to everyone new here looking for answers you have come to the right place. Stay strong everyone it's worth the trip.
   Frank McDonald

October 25, 2012:
My new diabetes Dr. says Death To Diabetes book as a guide is working great for me in less than 3 months. 16 years of diabetes medications gone and my weight and sugar levels are the best in years.

   Mike Bonventre

October 24, 2012:

I started with Dr. Richard Bernstein and got great results. "Death to Diabetes" took me to another level of understanding and empowerment ... thank you, Mr. McCulley for your gift of self with your book and this group!
   Ruth James

September 28, 2012:

It has been 60 days for me since I bought the book and I am under 300lbs for the first time in 16 years (lost 40 lb) in last 60 days and 135 overall . My sugars are down consistently in the 190 -200 range from 375-475 for most of the past 5 years with all the meds. I am not taking any meds at all. I am actually walking a mile in the morning and a mile at night and have a lot of energy. Keep up the good work Jan.

   Mike B.

September 27, 2012:
Went to my regular Doctor Wednesday. She said, she could hardly recognize me. She shook her head and said she has never had to lower anyone's meds before. Then she asked what are u doing? DTD with mostly veggies, nuts, seed, beans, rice, and legumes, sm
oothies, Green juice and a lot of raw food. She gave me what i asked for. Regular insulin just in case of a sugar spike. I had a coupon so I went and picked it up. $300 for insulin pen. WOW I know I will be sticking withe the program good thing I had a free coupon. O yea 24 hour fitness put my picture on their success board this is usually for when u have a personal trainer which I DID NOT have just me GOD and DTD life is good!

   Jan S. A. R.

July 6, 2012:
"3 years ago I didn't believe you could reverse your diabetes. But, now I've seen so many of my patients get better so quickly following this DTD program (including somenon-diabetics with gout, arthritis, allergies, lupus, sarcoidosis, heart disease, celiac, and Crohn's). More importantly, I appreciate your unselfish support when one of my patients calls your office. The Death to Diabetes book is a great book, but, your services are even better than the book!

And, my staff really loved your training program; and, also your cookbook and your juicing book are powerful!

Please tell Mr. McCulley I am very impressed with how he was able to turn around the health of 2 of my patients in such a short period of time. I've read the book several times now and every time I learn something new. Keep up the good work -- you're really helping so many people. I wish there was more I could do."
   Dr. Richard James 

June 26, 2012:
"I love not taking insulin. My whole day use to revolve around taking insulin. Now I can sleep pass 6 am. My whole life has changed!"
   Jan Scott Avent Ransom

June 25, 2012:

"Started DTD 3 months ago - got my lab work back today and my A1C has gone from 8.9 to 7.2 and I've had to cut back on my Lantus dose so I don't get morning lows. Seeing my Endo tomorrow to discuss - going to tell him about the program - I'll let you know how it goes.

   Aimee Coleman

June 19, 2012:

"Ok everybody I started June 6th. I hit the green smoothies really hard so I could get a lot of leafy greens in. I didn't take my meds this morning my bs was 83 ... it went so far as 108 after strenuous exercise; testing bout every hour, going through a lot of test strips lol I'm excited but I'm going to be eating veggies & very little fruit. oh yea I just bought some gymnema hope this helps. This (DTD) program is the BOMB! Been diabetic for over 7 years. I use to take 120 units of 70/30 insulin back in January! If I keep this up by next summer I'll be able to eat some watermelon :)"

   Jan Scott Avent Ransom

June 7, 2012:
"I JUST saw my doctor who told me ANYONE could reverse T2 diabetes with diet and exercise. He said, "You did! Will you have to eat well the rest of your life? YES! We all should eat like your book says!"

The proof is in your numbers. Let your A1C and numbers do the talking. Dr R is right.
   Ruth James

June 6, 2012:
"I used to do Dr. Bernstein, too!!! I still think he has a very sound program but I find this one (DTD program) to be so much more "fine tuned" than 12 carbs in the morning, 6 at lunch and 6 at dinner."
   Ruth James

June 6, 2012:
"Dr. Bernstein's book is good, but it over-focuses on carb-counting, which is okay at the beginning. The DTD book goes beyond carb-counting and just "controlling your blood sugar". It focuses on addressing the root causes of your diabetes by eating the RIGHT foods that attack the insulin resistance and excess insulin ...
   NurseJennifer Johnson

"Great news. Have to make my appointment.. You are right, this is a great support group. I have been following the protocol since January, and so far have lost 34 lbs and readings are in low 100s unless I have an occasional bad food day...not all bad...but one or two I, too, weaned myself off meds. I don't know about you, but I feel so much better controlling with the diet and lots of exercise. Keep up your good work, and I can't wait to report what my doctor says."
   Paula Hurst

May 25, 2012:
"I agree that focus is on calories and fat. I just had an experience recently with someone who is on Weight Watchers, somewhat, lol., and still counting calories but didn't understand DTD theory. Oh well, I've lost 34 lbs so far with DTD protocol, and BC numbers are in 90's and low 100's with no meds...I probably am not cured yet, but certainly in check and close to it. Thanks again to DTD."
   Paula Hurst

May 17, 2012:
"I agree with RaeAnn -- dietitians and nutritionists should read the DTD book, and take the author's train-the-trainer program. They would be so much better off! Plus, they would get away from all of that calorie-counting and other stuff that doesn't work.
There's another book, I think it's called "What Doctors Eat". Why would anyone listen to what a doctor has to say about food? Are you kidding me?
Unfortunately, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, diabetes educators, etc. are in positions of "authority" and have caused more problems than they've solved. They need to put their egos to the side and learn from Mr. McCulley. :-)"
   Thomas Denison

May 2, 2012:
"Thank you for adding me to the group. My husband bought "Death to Diabetes" a few years ago when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He got off his medication, strictly followed the diet & reversed is type 2! When he started, his BG's were over 300! He would pass out on the couch when he got home from work every day. Now, his BG's are completely normal, and have been for over a year. I know he feels better than ever. I'm so gald he found out about "Death to Diabetes"!
   Shelly Alder

May 2, 2012:
"Health Update: Many of our patients have continued to improve their diabetes and overall health significantly, especially after we added raw juicing to their nutritional program:
-- 97% lost 11 to 27 lb.
-- 43% lowered their blood pressure 7 to 25 points.
-- 71% lowered their blood sugar levels 30 points on average.
-- 33% lowered their cholesterol.
-- 91% reduced their meds, plus those who stuck with the Death to Diabetes program were able to get off their drugs within 30 to 90 days."
   NurseJennifer Johnson

April 9, 2012
"I read this book in January and it was the beginning of my journey towards health. I am now eating only whole foods and following a plant-based diet. I have lost weight and I feel so much better. Thats not why I'm writing here. I writing to encourage all of you not to quit...NO MATTER WHAT! I am currently watching my father die of cancer (prostate cancer that has spread throughout his body...including a tumor in his brain) and additional complications due to diabetes. He has been a diabetic for decades and never got it under control. It is a terrible thing to watch. Please don't do this to your children or your spouse. You may be discouraged and feel like giving up, but don't quit. Please don't quit.
   Minnie White

April 4, 2012
"There are quite a few people in this group who have benefited from the DTD book and program. I'm not diabetic, but my wife was, and so was my aunt. Both of them no longer require any meds. Their doctors were shocked, and continue to be surprised when they return for their annual checkup.
What they liked about the program was the simplicity. Plus, the author provides a diversity of educational products depending on your specific needs. You can't go wrong, but you have to put in the work."
   Thomas Denison

April 4, 2012:

"This does work. I started with drugs. Glad to have them but they don't cure the problem. For example, what do they give a Type 2 diabetic, like me, who is insulin resistant? More insulin. Hmmm. On this program, I have been able to lower the amount of insulin and other drugs that I am taking. I am losing weight and myA1c is fantastic! Hope to someday be able to say that my diabetes is in remission. My doctor said, "I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it." :)

   Cari Curtis Horton 

February 14, 2012:
"I received the DTD book two months ago. I had previously weaned off insulin and had gotten my A1C to 6.5. Quit metformin 18 days ago and today my fasting BG was 81and post meal 108. I couldn't be happier. I now feel I'm really on the way to beating this disease. A year ago I couldn't walk for more than five min. due to PAD, now 6 miles is not unusual or 10 on a bike. I haven't felt this healthy for at least 20 yrs.
Thank you Mr. McCulley. The work you have done developing DTD is stellar. You have given me my life back." 
   John Beresford

February 10, 2012:

"I use the DTD book to help diabetics that I work with everyday, plus I use the book and the DTD training program to teach nurses and other healthcare professionals about diabetes management.

The book was written by an engineer who almost died from a diabetes coma. He was fortunate to survive because his mother and his daughter helped him; and, they encouraged him to write the book. Now, it's one of the top-selling diabetes books. Why? Because it's one of the few diabetes books that actually works!

The author is very knowledgeable when it comes to diabetes, science, food, drugs, etc. All you have to do is listen to him speak or visit his website; or, read the feedback from hundreds of other diabetics.

Here is the author speaking at a medical conference:

Here's the author's website where he provides lots of excellent information about diabetes, nutrition, and so much more:"
   NurseJennifer Johnson

January 25, 2012:

"Thankfully, I have the original (DTD) book and SO appreciate how generous Mr. McCulley has been in sharing so much of the program online as well as kindly extending his inspirational advice to me directly on occasion. Many thanks to everyone here as well. Hearing each of your experiences on this page is very helpful. All of these elements help make the DTD program accessible to anyone willing to make the effort to embrace it.


January 17, 2012:
"Paula Deen is now a Pharma Ho. She's pushing diabetes drugs, which IS a death sentence. CURE ~~don't "treat"~~ the problem. Get DeWayne McCulley's program, Death to Diabetes and live."
   Granny Good-Food

January 15, 2012:

"The (Death to Diabetes) book is the BIBLE to diabetes cure! I swear by it! It WORKS! NO GIMMICKS! I have been off my meds since August of last year. My doctor had to take me off because my numbers were so great! Death To Diabetes is the TICKET!"

   Gregory Simms   

January 15, 2012:
"I've read at least 9 books on diabetes, including 3 written by doctors, but the Death to Diabetes book is the only one that tells you specifically what foods to eat and avoid, including some surprises that even the doctors missed.

FYI: Here's the link to the book:

p.s. Amazon also has the DTD book but Amazon doesn't give you a free CD, DVD, and other stuff."
  Lisa Richards

January 15, 2012:
"Several of my colleagues have written excellent books on diabetes, but they could learn something from this engineer (Mr. McCulley) and his book Death to Diabetes. He goes beyond the other diabetes books and actually explains how to safely wean off the drugs! And, he actually defines an authentic MEDICAL PROTOCOL! Very impressive ..."

  Dr. James Reddick

December 29, 2011:

"Happy Blessed New Year to all my Death to Diabetes friends. This program and life style works. My family can not believe, My friends can not believe, and My Doctor just keeps running test, but the truth is in seeing and believing... No meds since June of 2011....was on 6 different kinds...weight loss of over 50lbs...all by eating fresh live food...very little dead food (Christmas treats were a challenge)! but still lost weight during the holidays. The DTD web site, the book, and the folks here have all helped ....thank you!! and happy healthy new year!!!"

   Erin St. Clair Shreve

December 22, 2011:

"In one year I went from 10.2 A1C to 5.0 A1C by using the diet program in DeWayne McCulley's book, Death to Diabetes. Don't just sit there. Read it and change your life. I am OFF the drugs and healthier than I have been in a long time!!"
   Erin St. Clair Shreve

December 14, 2011:
"Just saw my doctor today. My a1c is 5.8. My cholesterol is 120, my blood pressure is 120 over 70. I am sorry, but I love my doctor, because he is brutally honest. Because of my numbers, he took me off the 5mg of lisinopril and 20mg of pravastatin. He already stopped my 500mg metformin 3 months ago. I don't see him again until May 2012!! He says I am doing great! Didn't expect that from my doctor. I didn't even asked to be off the Meds, he suggested it based on my numbers!!! God is amazing !!! Got to praise his Name!!"
   Gregory Simms 

December 10, 2011:
"That's wonderful news, Butch! You should take a look at the Death to Diabetes book by @Dewayne McCulley. After about a month doing the DTD plan, the Dr. took Tony off the Metformin because his numbers were so good. It's a good thing that he did because the diabetes had already caused Tony to lose soooo much weight in the first place...The Metformin made him drop down to 148 and now we are having to fight to get him to gain weight. You probably wouldn't even be able to recognize him. But the Death to Diabetes book really gave us the information that we needed to attack this thing and the tools to begin reversal and recovery from diabetes. How's your back doing? I hope you are up and at it now!"

   Christa Guin

December 8, 2011:

"Concerning the DTD juicing book, my brother reminded me about something that the DTD people did for him years ago. He had bought the original juicing book when it was about 60 pages and only talked about juicing. A few years later, Mr. McCulley re-wrote the juicing book, and added a section on smoothies and his people sent my brother the updated juicing book at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
That convinced me to buy the Death to Diabetes paperback book.

p.s. I had been on the fence about buying the DTD book because I had already bought several diabetes books that didn't help me, and I just didn't want to spend more money on another diabetes book that didn't work. Within 3 months, my BS average went from 254 to 108 and my A1c went from 8.7 to 6.4! Today, my BS avg is 91 and my A1C is 5.4%."
  Lisa Richards

December 6, 2011:

"I have purchased DTD juice book I just juice five times a day, cabbage, celery, sprouts, carrots, my BG is between 117-134 at dawn. I have been off my metformin for 5 days now I am really testing the waters. I use to have a lot of pain in my legs and feet since I juiced and off my meds the pain has decreased in a very short time."

   Yusef West

December 5. 2011:
"I tried hubby on some mashed sweet potatoes last night with coconut oil and walnuts and his 2 hour PPBG was 103! His numbers have been staying under 100 2 hours PP but considering how his BS spiked the last time he had sweet potatoes, I would say that this is a MAJOR breakthrough for us. Thanks Mr. McCulley!
Just wanted to let ya'll know that my hubby's A1C came in today and after exactly 3 months from starting DTD it's gone down from over 11 to 5.9! Hallelujah!"
   Christa Guin

December 3. 2011:

"Thank you Mr. McCulley. I was able to find the reference once your office straightened me out on the correct name of the Dawn Effect. I can't tell you how happy I am with the DTD program. I'm seeing positive results in a very short time."

   John Beresford

November 29. 2011:

"... I have owned the DTD book ever since I found out I was diabetic. Even gave them out to family and friends who also suffer."


November 29. 2011:

"I weaned myself off insulin with a green smoothie fast ... I'm now continuing with DTD and very pleased with my progress. My Endo. could only pat me on the back and say " this does not happen". My Diabetes Educator wants me to speak at their meetings. I don't feel qualified to speak at this point. Give me an additional six months and I would like to spread the word. Much work to be done to reverse this millstone."

   John Beresford

November 28. 2011:

"I think his (DTD) book saved my life. Oct 2010 my BG was 437 and A1C was 10.2 and all I could see was a gray blurr. I've come along way. Eyes better than they were before I was diagnosed.

The book makes it simple to know what to do, why to do it and encourages one to do it. The information I was given at the Dr's office (from the ADA) was useless and I just cried. Figured I was done for. My father was diagnosed in his early 70's and died during dialysis at age 77. I was 53. Thought, "I won't live to 60 with this".

   Erin St. Clair Shreve

November 28. 2011:

"I saw that movie on Netflix and it was wonderful and inspired me to look up juicing for diabetics which then led me to finding DTD. I am so grateful that God sent me to the DTD website.

Oh I am not on any diabetic meds at all. My blood sugar readings are always below 120. Before the diet they were around 150."

   Lana Fultz

November 28. 2011:


i am exercising tho.. but the lifestyle change does work and i do feel a lot better even when i'm tired its not the same kind of tiredness..i take it one day at a time but i dont intend on going back.. plus the book is awesome."

   Norman Grayson

November 28. 2011:

"Words of encouragement: The DTD diet really works! I have been off my diabetes medication for the past 3 months at the recommendation of my doctor and I my body has treated me well. My average BG every morning is 87. I am not even exercising as I should and my body is still holding it's own. Just stay the course and your body WILL recover!"

   Gregory Simms 

November 28. 2011:

"I've took myself off metformin about 2 years ago. My last hb a1c checkups were 6.2 and 6.4 (under 6.5 is excellent) I'm not doing anything very special other that eating sensibly (no white flower, pasta, bread etc) and exercising. Still work to be done but I feel I'm on the right track."

   Herman Lawrence

November 26, 2011:

This (Death to Diabetes Group) is an Open Group, and I have added a couple of you that I believe would be interested. DeWayne McCulley has some of the BEST info on conquering diabetes that I have seen. Please check out his amazing program if you have diabetes or know someone who does.

   ~Granny Good-Food

November 25, 2011:

"I only have the death to diabetes pdf book but have followed a lot of his food suggestions and also knowing what the man went through and he came out smiling on the other side, it gave me hope in believing I can beat this also. When I was first diagnosed in January of this year my liver was badly damaged and they thought I may have has prostate cancer. there were a lot of other issues inside of me as far as health, but through this book and a lot of affirmations and a lot of prayer (which I believe had been answered more times than I realize) I am now medication free. I just need to get down to that ideal weight and it has been hard as what the dietician suggests is not what is in the DTD book. There is no support group here. That tires me as I do feel alone at times ... but my survival instinct is far stronger and I want to beat this, better still I want to bury it and leave it behind me."

   Frank McDonald

November 24, 2011:
"Thanks, Mr. McCulley. My wife and I love your message -- so thoughtful, yet full of such great information.
Instead of just saying Happy Thanksgiving, you actually took the time to give us some great ideas to enjoy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, your excellent DTD staff, and the FB family.
   Thomas Denison

November 21. 2011:

"My husband was diagnosed on August 27th and they put him on metformin. On September 6th, we started the DTD plan and in about a month, the Dr. took him off the Metformin because his readings were so good. His fasting bg is almost always around ...95 (except for this morning it was 101 -I'm thinking because of the sweet potatoes last night). And like I said before, his 2 hr. post meal readings are under 120 and lately they have been under 110.

When he was first diagnosed, his A1C was 11.7 and the Dr. said that they wanted to "try" the Metformin but that they believed that he would end up on insulin. The Dr. told us that he would never take my hubby off of the meds and a little over one month later, he took my hubby off the meds."

   Christa Guin

November 21. 2011: 

"The Death to Diabetes DTD Program is a GREAT program for several reasons:
1. It works!!
2. It's simple to implement.
3. It's cost-effective.
4. It's comprehensive.
5. It's the only program with a staff that actually answers your questions!
6. It's the only program that shares it program without having to biuy something first.
7. You provide emotional support.
8. Your website is unbelievable -- every week I find something new!


   NurseJennifer Johnson

November 17, 2011:

"The Super Breakfast model totally changed my way of thinking (and eating) first thing in the morning. It kick-started a new wellness lifestyle that has made a huge difference in my health. I have even gotten my local restaurants to give me steamed spinach or broccoli instead of potatoes with my scrambled eggs, no bread, etc. I can also get brown rice instead of potatoes. Of course, it's even better when I cook for myself, but it's so nice to know I can carry through with healthy habits in the regular world."


"Additional "Favs" for me are the charts and diagrams. They make it easy to visually understand the concepts that are elaborated on in the book, lectures, etc. Some of the ones explaining the biology of diabetes are very detailed, but ones like the Super Meal Model are simple and very easy to follow."


November 16, 2011:

"One of my DTD Favs is the list of ideas Mr. McCulley provides for EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. This has proven to be invaluable too me and my patients. Emotional support is so important, but no one really explains how to provide emotional support."

   NurseJennifer Johnson

November 6, 2011:

"Thank you for leaving this thread posted. If not for the McCulley office's and other's responses and alerts, any of us could have been deceived by the misleading marketing for this product. I have nothing but positive things to say about D2D's program. DeWayne's motives are sincere and he's been very generous. That's what builds trust here. My sincere gratitude to all..."

October 28, 2011:
"Thank you so much DeWayne McCulley for the time on the phone today. You're an asset to the diabetic community, I look forward to getting my book Death to Diabetes."
   Becky Todd

October 16, 2011:
"Oh my , what a blessing this is!! I am soo emotional about this gift that has been given to us. I was diagnosed 3weeks ago and when I left the Dr's office I felt like I was given a death sentence. I am 34 with no children and the doctor told me that since I have am diabetic, it isn't wise for me to have a baby because there is no cure and I will harm my baby. Talk about life shattering! I just want to say again, thank you for being soo passionate about the cause and being receptive. Your Organization is like no other. God Bless you all!" 
    Tamika Melvin

"I just want to thank Mr. MCulley for this gift of Life, i am recently diagnosed (3weeks in) and i have to say i was devastated! I ordered and just received my DTD book. While reading, there is alot of information to absorb. I have some questions and was wondering how to get in contact with someone to answer some of those questions. Thanks soo much! I have a renewed since of hope that i will reverse my T2D."
   Tamika Melvin

October 11, 2011:
"After one month my hubby's Dr. has taken him off Metformin. Happy Dance and praising God! Thank you Mr. McCulley for all you have done to help my family. Without your book we wouldn't have even known where to begin to start the reversal of diabetes. We are now focused on complete healing in my hubby's body and more determined than before! Thank you so much!!!!"

"God has used Mr. McCulley in an awesome way to lead my husband to a path of healing and we are so grateful!"
   Christa Guin

October 9, 2011:    
"This morning I am so excited! My morning blood sugar went from 150 to 96 in only 3 weeks!! This diet absolutely works! I am so grateful to have found this website. Thank you Mr. McCulley for all you are doing to improve others lives."

"I forgot to mention I stopped all diabetic drugs four months ago. They all made me feel sick."
   Lana Fultz

October 7, 2011:

"At last, sanity prevails and gives hope."

   Margaret Dalziel

October 3, 2011:

"I bought the DTD book and followed the diet. I was already a vegetarian, so I eliminated cereal for breakfast with the milk, certain whole wheat bread(one to two slices a week) and no cheese. I do not like a lot of eggs like it suggested in the diet, but even so my morning blood sugar has gone from a steady 150 morning fasting reading, to 124! Amazing! In only two weeks!!! I only need to loose ten pounds. I had already lost fifty pounds in the last four years. This book gave me the key to get rid of type 2 diabetes forever!!! I know I am on my way to getting rid of the last prescription drug that I am currently taking. Education is the key here and I have used self education to improve my health and get rid of six prescriptions drugs with only one more to get rid of. I am so excited I found this website! Thank you -- this is what I have been praying for!"

   Lana Fultz

September 27, 2011:
"April 25, 2011 - 205 lbs., A1c 7.7
Sept. 14, 2011 - 185 lbs., A1c 6.3
Thanks DeWayne."
  Mike Miller   

September 15, 2011:

It was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone a few days ago. I just received your book, excited on learning and implementing your protocol to reverse this ugly disease. I've had t2 diabetes for 20 years...I hope it's not too late to reverse it and it's related complications. Good luck in spreading out this information to the rest of the world...
   Ron Roldan

September 9, 2011:

"Leslie, if I had kept eating the diet the dr gave me, I would still be fat and my A1C score would not be 5.0. The diet medical people promote from the American Diabetes Association is killing a lot of people. I tried that diet when I was first diagnosed and nothing changed. It was depressing. Aunt Peggy needs to eat the Death to Diabetes diet and then she will see some changes. And she will feel great, too.

I lost 10 lbs the first month, so that really motivated me to keep going. Down 32 lbs now. And one does not have to be a "diabetic" for this diet. It's healthy for anyone."

   Erin St. Clair Shreve

September 9, 2011:

"I got the Death to Diabetes book (thanks to Erin) and am enjoying reading and learning so much about eating the right foods. I am not a diabetic but heading in that direction!! I lost 7 lbs the first week, feel better and have more energy!!!"

   Christine Evans Williams

September 5, 2011:
"I feel the same way..... Thanks so much to DeWayne McCulley and all his efforts to make a sick country well."
   Frances L. Gillen 

September 4, 2011:

"Yesterday, health screening. The results made me so happy. I am off 4 different meds, 2 being diabetic meds, 1 for high blood preshure, one was crestor. Have been off these meds since June 1 2011. the weight is coming down every day.... Thanks DeWayne McCulley and your advice and Books and emails. My Doctor said the only way to make this last is to keep doing what I am doing....I plan to. Fresh Veggie, very little process food, and love walking. Thanks again for all you do."

   Christine Piper Justice

September 1, 2011:
"Kathlee, at Easter, when Diagnosed with the big D, I went veggie overnight and I now try to eat as much raw as I can get my hands on, including loads of fresh veg, seeds and nuts, (unprocessed). I also bought the DTD book. As a technical sort of guy, DTD gave me a good grounding in what's good and bad and WHY. It sort of gave me direction and focus. So I have tried to keep to the middle ground of both methods (RAW & the DTD way). My 3 month HB1aC dropped massively and the weight has come off so I can now exercise much better, talking up that silly sport of running (fast walking in my case) which I hate, but I know and can see its doing me good. So for me veggie/raw when I can, avoid as many processed foods and exercise is working, oh yeah and cutting out the obvious high carbs that I guess we all love. Just go as best you can and make the very best choices you can at any one give time..."
     Lyn Evans 

August 30, 2011:
"Read Death to Diabetes, by DeWayne McCulley. I used the info in it and my A1C score went from 10.1 to 5.0. Meds have been cut and I am still doing really great. My dr is astounded. Just taking DRUGS will kill diabetics. Read the book."
   Erin St. Clair Shreve

August 29, 2011:
"I watched a clip from a documentary "Simply Raw" about reversing diabetes by adopting a vegan raw food diet. Claimed people were off insulin in as little as three days. I've seen tremendous improvement by adopting DTD lifestyle tips, superfoods, but still eat eggs, chicken, etc. What are your thoughts about going vegan, raw, etc., to ensure complete reversal? Thanks!"

August 27, 2011:
"Hello, all. I've ran out of meds (I have been following the DTD plan and have cut back tremendously on my many medications). I can't get a refill until my next appt. with my endocrinologist (I was in Africa for a few months so I missed an appt; thus the doctor's office will not refill until my appt. on Tuesday). In any event, i am wondering if there is anything I can do -- other than continuing to follow the DTD plan -- to manage my blood glucose levels. I have not reached the point where I do not need the meds. Thanks."
    Barbara Asante   

August 25, 2011:
"I have been with the DTD since June 1, 2011, Have lost 17 lbs, have lots of new energy, feel great,... all by eating real LIVE food. trying to not eat any DEAD... food. then the reward comes. great BG readings! Thanks for all your help. I had my first Zumba class last evening. I lasted to whole 45 mins. for me....that is great!!!"    
   Christine Piper Justice  

August 23, 2011:
"My kids do not understand why my favorite breakfast is now an egg white omlette and a large bowl of steamed spinach with olive oil and a dash of vinegar and salt. Yummmm."
   Cari Curtis Horton   

"Congratulations Cari...we got the book, Bill is now reading it and the kids keep asking if we eat anything but vegetables."
   Kandie Kunzler  

August 22, 2011:
"I have been on this program for only one month. Went to the doctor last week. Lost 15 lbs. Got blood work back today. A1c was at 6.4 in Jan. and is now 5.6! Yeah! Tryglycerides were 265 and are now 217. HDL from 25 to 28. LDL from 155 to 143. Headed in the right direction! Very excited!"   
   Cari Curtis Horton  

August 20, 2011:
"Hooray!! New A1C reading is 5.0, down from 5.2 in March (and WAY down from 10.1 in October!!)!!! Death to Diabetes is WORKING!!!!!"
   Erin St. Clair Shreve

August 19, 2011:

"A lot of people are asking me what I am doing to have lost over 30 lbs since November. This explains it: (will also help non diabetics):

Death to Diabetes: Reverse & Beat Type 2 Diabetes: The 5 "Dead" Foods"
   Erin St. Clair Shreve

"Great little article on dead and healthy foods for anyone! Need to be more picky when choosing "healthy" foods!"
   Beth Randolph

August 17, 2011:

"Well I got my results yesterday after 3 months of juicing and eating alot of what Mr. McCulley ate during his battle, my A1C went from 10 to 6 in just 3 months, took my blood sugar before bed time and it was at 71, wasnt sure if I should take my insulin so, Icut my insulin dose in half and only took 10 units. Hoping the next visit my A1C will be even lower and can hopefully just take pills from now on, thanks to Death to Diabetes.""

   Marc Mead

August 11, 2011:

"And also the wit of his daughter, Cynthia....and the invisible hand of the divine. This is one of the stories of how LOVE can move mountains."

   Kelly Kc

August 7, 2011:

"This is simply amazing! This has got to be the BEST book ever written on type 2 diabetes, and the author is telling people on the radio NOT to buy his book! He just wants people to follow the program on his website for free!​=R4yGGtRwOQ8"
    Nurse Jennifer Johnson

August 9, 2011:
"Touching video of Mr. McCulley honoring his mother ...​=dlf4jr_pvKc"

"If it weren't for Mr. McCulley's mother, we would not know about "Death to Diabetes", probably the greatest book written on Type 2 diabetes!

And, I've read A LOT of diabetes books, including the ones written by a couple of my doctor friends. :-)"
     Nurse Jennifer Johnson

August 7, 2011:
"Kelly Kc, You are so right! The author calls them "accidents" in his book, but there was definitely some "divine" intervention!

Yes, Kelly, the LOVE of his mother and his daughter saved this man's life.  And, yes, his daughter is amazing: The apple doesn't fall from the tree. :-)

p.s. I've been surfing health-related topics on Facebook, and I'm impressed with your health advocacy to help others. Keep up the good work! We need more people to help increase our awareness of what's going on with food and drugs."
    Nurse Jennifer Johnson

August 5, 2011:

Question: "Kelly, between Simply Raw (30 Days Raw Challenge) and DeWayne's book, which is better?" 

Answer: "If you want a more complete understanding of diabetes, logical and scientific way to reverse diabetes type 2 without wrecking your brain (DeWayne has done all that research and thinking for you), I highly recommend DeWayne's books, flow charts and products. I have not seen any other author who has given so much life-saving info and reference materials for the kind of price he's set for DEATH TO DIABETES (there are actually 2 products, the book and the DVD). DeWayne's info is just phenomenal because he's done something that the experts said was impossible. If you want to eat better, healthier, both products educate people on how to eat more LIVING foods. The 30 Days Raw Challenge DVDs are also for those who have little time to cook."

   Kelly Kc

"Barbara, the book is hard to put down! Since I already know most of the recipes part (I first learned of this through the Rave Diet which is living vegan foods by Mike Anderson), I jumped right into DeWayne's story (how several "accidents" helped him to survive the dangerous stages where he could have died at any of those times). If he had went back to sleep (the morning after feeling numbness in his feet), he could have died in his sleep as well!

The book reveals the 7 most common myths about diabetes, food addiction, etc. (I just learned yesterday that durian, although a superfood, is not recommended to diabetes here. If DeWayne could talk about the impact of Asian fruits on diabetes, that could be included in a future version of the book.) While most holistic books do not advocate use of microwave ovens, DeWayne mentioned one use of it for food.

The book also talks about detoxification and has a lot of tips on what sort of questions or info diabetic patients should tell/ask their doctors. One part of the book I really like arethe wellness protocols for eye diseases, diseases of the nerves and brains, cardiovascular disease, etc. This is because being healthy is not about being healthy in one part. It's health on all planes: mentally, emotionally and physically. There's also a list of websites to find LIVING foods. The back of the book are recipes, and a glossary of words to help you find the info you want quickly. I have Gabriel Cousenns' diabetes book as well for comparison, but I'd have to put Cousenns' book as #2. DTD is #1."

   Kelly Kc

"Thank you DeWayne! I too don't feel it is alright to be living with Diabetes. I don't feel it is ok to increase the number of beds in hospitals (something that one of our local politicians feel is a "must-do"). It should be the other way round, ie. to reduce the number of people living with diabetes or any disease (or dying from preventable hazards). You proved that a book that did not look like the others could appeal because of the information in it (and the tools that came along with the book), and not just how the book looks. And the book does look a lot more serious than the other health books, because it gives serious information."

   Kelly Kc

August 4, 2011:

"Oh yes but I love your "madness" and how methodical and yet how you made your materials so easy to read! There's still so much to read and absorb and I am enjoying it so much.

I look forward to your iPhone/Android Apps! I am SURE they will be better than some of those calorie-counters, which in my personal view, isn't very helpful! With the meal plans you have devised, who needs to be spending time counting calories? I love your list of LIVING versus DEAD food!"

   Kelly Kc

August 3, 2011:

"Thank you DeWayne! Yours is truly an inspiring story... I also LOVE your humour and about the journey you took since the day you woke up feeling your feet "rubbery", your book is very hard to put down!

   Kelly Kc

July 30, 2011:
"Thank you DeWayne, it's working :-)"
   Kenneth Doyle

July 29, 2011:
I must admit that the Death to Diabetes Office has a great staff. Mr. DeWayne McCulley hires really caring people.

"Death to Diabetes (authored by Mr. DeWayne McCulley):
Great book. Great story. Unbelievable mother. Smart daughter. Great man.

Share with your family, friends, and co-workers -- tell the world."
   Dr. James Reddick

July 23, 2011:
"I have lost 30 Lbs in the last 4 months with raw foods and juicing with my new juicer. Exercising 3 times a week and reading all the information in the death to diabetes books. I have gone from 2 shots a day to only 25 units once a day. My next doctors visit is in 4 weeks and I cant wait to see what my a1c will be. Next step get off the insulin. I want to lose 20 to 25 more lbs, and I will be healthier than I have been in many years. Love death to diabetes and all of the information provided in the book."
   Marc Mead

July 22, 2011:
"I have just purchased the weight loss book and will have it printed today. I can't weight to read it, but I must say that I do agree with Sandi and Mr. McCulley about eliminating most animal products. I have gone semi-vegetarian for 2 weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in my weight and how I feel. I was diagnosed with asthma 1-1/2 years ago and I haven't had to use my inhaler in 2 weeks. The juicing helps a lot and I've noticed it fills you up in between meals. Can't wait to read the whole book!"
   Katricia Kelly

"I AGREE!!! Mr. McCulley is providing a great service I purchased the weight loss book and had it printed, will pick it up today. I have told quite a few people about Mr. McCulley, but nobody has followed up on his website or books/program. I am not a diabetic, but it does run in our family as you mentioned about African Americans and I don't plan on getting it. If you are overweight and a non-diabetic his books are still extremely helpful. I highly recommend them to all people."   
   Katricia Kelly

July 13, 2011:
"4 years ago I bought a dozen books. DeWayne Mcculley's books was far and away the best - and I've enjoyed perfect health for over 3 years as a result (along with some of my own ENGINEERING). Please do encourage your patients to read his work. Information of what to change and why is foundational to overcomming the emotional and habitual challenges involved."
   Elliott Reitz

"Being well 3 years after! I NOW have no limits on what I can eat either. Perfect health is a blessing and you can get there too!
4 years ago my average bs was 350. 3 months of atkins like diet got below a 30year-prognosis goal of bs< 150. But from there applying the DTD live/dead foods and "calories awareness" - restored my FULL HEALTH including blood sugar (avg 100), blood pressure (from 155/90 to now 115/75), and weight (240 to now 175 at 5'8").
I like this weight which I think is carrying about 20 lbs of fat - because I like gorging-big-meals and skipping meals. My super-thin friends need small snacks/meals all day. I don't - and instead tend to skip meals - and eat like I used to before I got fat and blood sugar challenged.
I believe my healthy body can now "properly" process a much wider selection of foods without cell-damage, Type-2, high BP/BS and weight gains. I do still watch my weight via "calories awareness" but have also opened up my aperture of food-choices including many "dead foods" (beer too) for the last 2 years.
Good health really is a blessing too. Thanks again DeWayne!"
    Elliott Reitz

July 5, 2011:
"Two Cakes in the break room and I choose to have cabbage and almonds. Feels great. And the Icing used to be my weakness. Thanks to DeWayne McCulley again thanks for the help and info."  
   Christine Piper Justice

"I understand Christine. I drove past 4 ice cream cone stands on a shopping trip. I would say, oh no, we are going by another one. I also thanked GOD and DeWayne. Good luck."
   Frances Gillen

July 1, 2011:
"My book came in the mail yesterday, just in time for a long weekend. I have been following his plan without (web info) the book for one month today and have lost 10 lbs and my BS has droped to 109 with no meds for 30 days. Feeling great. Lots of engergy. WOW. THANK YOU!!!!! for sharing all your info to help us, in a way that is understandable."
  Christine Piper Justice

June 28, 2011:
"I've been watching your chatter going back & forth with Christene. Frankly, I'm not much of a facebook fan so I'm answering via email. It took me about 12 days to get over the carb cravings and about 5 - 7 weeks to consistently achieve the kind of numbers I wanted. But, everyone's situation is unique. It isn't one size fits all. I suspect it all depends on how much work is required at the outset. But, just as Christine said - you must read the book. I thought I new exactly how to eat right prior to reading that book. But, I was very, very wrong. I think the book is a get healthy through nutrition book vs a diet or how to beat diabetes book. I think Dewaye's get healthy process would allow the average person to beat a whole lot of diseases - including diabetes. Obviously, I'm a believer. 
Here's a tip = my 2 doctors (civilian & VA) both thought it was hogwash as well until I walked in one day to take my physical and they looked at all my numbers. Put, it this way - both of their head nurses asked for a copy of Dewayne's book. 
Best Wishes & Good Luck." 
   Ron Kurimsky - retired in Myrtle Beach, SC

June 27, 2011:
"I've accomplished gaining control over my health challenges - its time for me to share what I did - while recognizing where credit is due Dewayne's book pointed me in the right direction and armed me with important tools/technique."

"I reversed my T2 completely - over 3 years ago. I just joined this group today - and am very glad DeWayne is still helping others. There is a lot of resistance to this information from the mainstreme medial and pharma community - at least it seems to me. Try my self-intro post above for more. And may God bless your efforts like he did mine!"
  Elliott Reitz

"I recommend the book! It gave me the key wisdom of getting ahead of T2. Once I got that good enough the same sorts of things and my newfound diet awarness I dropped 70lbs and am 100% recovered. I bought over 20 books on this topic and DeWayne's book is the ONLY book on this subject that I recommend. DeWayne's book shines a better light on Weight loss - via nutrition priority."

"I'm new here but read DeWayne's book 3 years ago, recovered my BS from 417 to below 150 in 3 months, and then reduced my weight by 70lbs. DeWayne's wisdom was a key to my personal success. I've shared more about me recently on a Drudge retort thread too. I referenced DeWayne's book there and came here while looking up the reference. Thanks again DeWayne! You're sharing in public your research and ideas helped me to saved my own life! THANK YOU!""
   Elliott Reitz

"DeWayne's staff was interested and shared nice emails with me a few times a couple years ago - the support to those in need is beyond an authors duty and DeWayne is a modern hero! God bless you DeWayne!"
   Elliott Reitz

"Good luck Martín. I read a whole bunch of books and web pages. DeWayne's engineering - applied testing gave me the tools. I bought 1000s of test-strips and it all started fitting together - just like DeWayne did - sound engineering practices to optimize a complex system. Test, experiment, evaluate, make new tests, evaluate, etc. Via Con Dios!"
   Elliott Reitz

June 14, 2011:

"Hey DeWayne, I got a 6.2 AIC test result. I told my doc I was aiming for a 6.0 next time I see him (with no meds), without a word of incouragement he told me I had lofty goals! Ha! should I prove him wrong? Halfway through the book. Thanks!!!!"

   Herman Lawrence

June 14, 2011: 

"It happened to me. Due to the diet which is very easy to follow once I got started, I am happy to say I am off my insulin completely!!"

   Patty Fleener

June 9, 2011:

"Windy: I agree with you -- the information in Mr. McCulley's book and videos is simply amazing. What's even more impressive is the amount of information on his website! When I return from Cancun, I'll send the group some of the links I've discovered on his website"

  Thomas Denison

June 9, 2011:

"I am amazed by the information that I have received from watching Mr. McCulley's videos! I have put the information to the test and as a result I have had great changes. My blood sugars are in the normal ranges everyday and I have been able to stop taking the Metformin medicine! I exercise daily and I eat the way that Mr. McCulley teaches in his book and vidoe's. This has been a life changing experience for me...I am cured of Diabetes!!!!!"

   Windy Alford Stroud

June 6, 2011:

Hi, We got the paperback. It was too late to cancel with Amazon. Amazing book! it's changing our lives!
   Rosemary Wessel

May 14, 2011:
"Amazing book, amazing person!"

   Dr. Les Moore

May 05, 2011:

"Death to Diabetes is by far the single best book I've ever read on this topic. DeWayne has a very special way of taking a complicated subject and simplifying it. And, his presentation style is fact based, direct & to the point. But, I see this book as being much more than a diabetes book. It's an outstanding HEALTH & NUTRITION book. If you follow the prescription in this book, you'll not only beat diabetes. You'll be the healthiest & feel the best you've felt in your lifetime."

     Ron Kurimsky

May 05, 2011:

"Thank you for spending so much time getting to the root cause rather than another volume dealing with a symptom. It makes clear sense."

   Richard Steele

May 05, 2011:

"Yours is the most commonsense approach and best description of the process of the disease we've seen, and we've been reading quite a bit. You're quite an inspiration."

   Rosemary Wessel

"That's what has impressed me so much. He describes the process of the disease and the mechanics of combating it, as only an engineer could. Finally, it's understandable!"

   Rosemary Wessel

"I've never met someone who knows so much about diabetes and explains it in a way that even I can understand! And, I like that he acknowledges his daughter and his mother! When I read his book, the first thing that impressed me was that he acknowledged over 50 people in the front part of his book! Usually such intelligent people are not that humble ...

We need to spread the message not about him but about his message all over Facebook. Any ideas how to do this?"

   Thomas Denison

May 5, 2011: 

"By the way, I am now completely off of insulin thanks to this wonderful diet!!!!"
  Patty Fleener

May 04, 2011:
"Death to Diabetes -- A must read for anyone dealing with diabetes."

   Sandi DeWispelaere

April 26, 2011: 

"I know that I'm preaching to the choir, but this is a great book. I work with many diabetic patients and had become frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the medications for some of our long-term patients. In desperation I wasted my money on several ridiculous books written about diabetes -- until I came across "Death to Diabetes". Your nutritional protocol is so simple and it works! Thank you!" 

   Nurse Jennifer Johnson

April 19, 2011:

"I've been on this diet since November and my new A1C is 5.2! It keeps going down each time I go in and so does my insulin. I'm almost off of my insulin thanks to this diet! Thanks so much Mr. McCulley!"

  Patty Fleener

April 13, 2011: 

"I must admit that an engineering perspective could take Medicine to another level ... The detail that this engineer provides is amazing ..."
  Dr. James Reddick 

March 26, 2011:

"I'm not diabetic but I bought the book for a friend. He's now off his diabetic meds. He couldn't stop talking about the book, so I borrowed it, followed the diet, and lost 23 pounds! Even though it's a diabetes book, it's actually a health book for anyone who wants to improve their health or lose a few pounds. 

p.s. Rowing is a lot easier now without the gut. :)"

  Thomas Denison

March 26, 2011:

"Mr. McCulley spoke at our conference, and blew us away with his knowledge about medical science and nutrition. But what really impressed me about this man is that he documents his program on his website for free! -- so, you don't even have to buy his book Death to Diabetes."

  Dr. James Reddick

March 23, 2011:

"I've read a lot of books on diabetes. The Death to Diabetes is the best book I've read about diabetes and nutrition. It's a technical book, but it's written so well and explains things so thoroughly that non-medical people can use the book to improve their diabetes. I lost 26 pounds following the program, and my husband lost 34 pounds, and reduced his meds, plus he lowered his blood pressure."

  Lisa Richards

March 21, 2011:

As a medical doctor, I found it difficult to believe that an engineer would know more about diabetes than me.

But, my wife went ahead and bought the "Death to Diabetes" book 3 years ago against my wishes.

Within 6 months, her doctor took her off metformin, and reduced her insulin and lisinopril.

My wife lost 37 pounds, reduced her blood sugar to 94, her A1C from 8.7 to 5.2and her blood pressure from 160/110 to 110/75!

The following year, her doctor took her off insulin and lisinopril so now she no longer takes any medication!

I must admit the Death to Diabetes book is thorough, well thought-out and well-written.

p.s. By the way, because I had to eat what my wife prepared for her diabetes, I lost 21 pounds, and have never felt better!"

  Dr. James Reddick

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