Reverse and Cure Diabetes Naturally with Diet: Imagine a Life Without Diabetes!

Just imagine your life without diabetes. I did even though my doctors scoffed and told me that I was in denial and was being too unrealistic. When I was in the hospital (after I came out of the coma), I was told that I would be on insulin for the rest of my life. I was told that I would have to have both of my legs amputated. I was told that I would eventually lose my sight. I was also told that I would have to go on kidney dialysis at some point. 

These were the realities that my doctors told me that I needed to face and accept. They felt that any so-called dreaming or imagining a different life was far-fetched and completely foolhardy on my part.

Yeah, but, look at me now! :-) It all starts with a vision, a hope, a belief that you can beat this disease -- that you can destroy the "Beast" known as "Type 2 diabetes".

But, in order to do that, you must have power over the Beast. That power is the Power of Knowledge. With the Power of Knowledge you can attack the Beast at its weak points and destroy the Beast.

I can help you by providing you with the knowledge that I acquired when I was diabetic and defeated the Beast. Then, I documented that knowledge in my book, Death to Diabetes.

This book explains step by step how to gradually get the Beast under control; stop the Beast from destroying your organs; and, eventually kill the Beast -- by reversing your diabetes naturally with diet and without the need for diabetic medications. 

All you have to do is to take action -- acquire and implement the knowledge from my book and you will be on your way from a life of illness to a life of wellness.  Death to the Beast! Death to Diabetes!

Now, keep in mind that the pharmaceutical companies control your life with their drugs. They know that their drugs are not powerful enough to stop the Beast. Yes, their drugs can "control" the Beast for a while, but, eventually, you have to take more drugs to keep the Beast under control. 

So, the drug companies are banking on you to trust your doctors and continue relying on their drugs. They are in a position of Power. And, people in Power do not want you to be in Power. 

So, are you ready to imagine your life without diabetes? Are you ready to take action against the drug companies and take back your life?

Author's Perspective: If you have spent anytime on the Internet, you have probably seen lots of books, ebooks and supplements that claim to be able to reverse and cure your diabetes naturally.

And, maybe you've been burned by those claims after buying a book or ebook that was supposed to reverse your diabetes but didn't.

So, why is my program any different from all the others? How do you know if my program is not going to fail you? Why should you risk your hard-earned money again?

Well, first of all, you don't have to risk your money. Instead, you can try the first part of my program free of charge to see if my program works and does what it claims it can do.

And, then, if you actually see your blood glucose coming down, then, you have some hard evidence that my program can work for you.

And, with that evidence, you can be more confident in buying my book to implement the rest of my diabetes wellness program.

But, you may be wondering why am I offering my program in this manner? What's the catch?

I'm offering my program in this manner because I'm confident that my program will work for you. 

And, the catch is maybe I get you to buy my book because of my transparency and willingness to share what worked for me.

Also, I'm an engineer and if you know anything about engineers, we love numbers, data and mathematics. As engineers, we love to prove our point by using numbers. That's who I am. That's what I know. That's what I've been doing in Corporate America for more than 25 years.

I really don't know of any other way to demonstrate to you that my program will work for you.

Key Steps to Reverse and Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally: Kill the Beast 

Based on the author's recovery and research, the key steps to reverse and cure your diabetes (to kill the Beast) include:

1. Eat the 5 super foods. These super foods weaken the Beast while making you stronger to fight the Beast. And, eventually, these food will help to kill the Beast. Worst case, these foods will keep the Beast under control without having to rely on drugs.

These super foods include green, leafy vegetables; lean protein such as chicken breast, wild salmon and walnuts/almonds; low-glycemic fruits such as blueberries; healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil; and, beverages such as filtered water and raw juices.

2. Avoid the 5 "dead" foods. These dead foods strengthen the Beast while making you weaker to fight the Beast. The Beast will destroy your organs and eventually kill you.

These dead foods include foods that contain flour, sugar, grain, gluten, and trans fats such as bread, pasta, rice, corn, cereals, pastries, fried foods, cow's cheese, and, of course, good ol' fast food. :-) Beverages to avoid include soda, diet soda, fruit juices, cow's milk, and (yes) coffee (sorry about that!). 

3. Use a science-based dietary and nutritional program and meal plate model/meal planning strategy to ensure you're eating a macronutrient-balanced and micronutrient-dense meal.

This will address the actual root causes and biological processes that actually make the Beast stronger! These biological processes and root causes that make the Beast stronger include insulin resistance, cellular inflammation, excess oxidation, and protein glycation.

Consequently, a nutritional program that reduces the effects of these biological processes will weaken and eventually kill the Beast.

4. Exercise on a consistent basis, e.g. 4 to 5 times a week for 30 to 35 minutes. 

Exercise produces ATP, endorphins and other helpful biochemical compounds that make you stronger while making the Beast weaker.

5. Monitor and test your blood sugar at least 3 to 4 times a day to verify that my program and diabetic diet are working for you. Take corrective action, based on your test results.

Blood glucose testing allows you to monitor the Beast to ensure that it is getting weaker and not stronger.

6. Perform a periodic cleanse/detox, especially if you've been diabetic more than 3 years and you're taking diabetic medication.

Cleansing and detoxification help to remove the toxins being produced by the Beast. The Beast produces these toxins to make you weaker and more susceptible to other diseases. 

7. Tap into your inner spirit to destroy the Beast on a spiritual level.  Make sure that you get enough sleep and rest to reenergize your body to fight the Beast.

8. Meet with a qualified diabetes health coach or use a well-written diabetes book and diabetes wellness program to support you and guide you on your journey.

9. Contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

10. Purchase the author's Death to Diabetes paperback book or ebook; and/or the author's Power of Raw Juicing book; and, begin your fight to destroy the Beast.

Author Sidebar: In the meantime, if you want more information about my program, my diet, what foods to eat and what foods not to eat, visit the following web pages:

These web pages will get you started, and, within 10-14 days you should notice your average blood glucose coming down! Within 30-35 days, you should be transitioning to at least Stage 2 of my Death to Diabetes 6-Stage Wellness Program.

At that point, now that you know that the program actually works for you, then, you can implement the rest of the program -- by ordering my Death to Diabetes book (or ebook) and learn how to implement the remaining steps of my program to reach Stage 6.

If you want to know more about this program before you invest your time and money, then, go to my Death to Diabetes Wellness Program web page for an overview of the program; or, if you prefer, continue to read below.

The Number 1 reason why people suffer with diabetes (and other diseases) is due to the lack of the proper knowledge about diabetes and nutrition.

Most experts say that it's because people with diabetes are not motivated to change their diet. That's just not true. Most people with diabetes have tried to change their diet. But, when the diet doesn't work, that's why they give up and lose their motivation!

I remember because when I was suffering with diabetes in the hospital, the dietitian put me on a 1200-calorie diet. I still gained weight and I still required 60 to 70 units of insulin each day.

So, I didn't give up because I wasn't motivated. I gave up (momentarily) because their diet didn't work!

Luckily for me, my mother and my daughter came up to take care of me, so I didn't really give up for that long. :-)

But, I must admit that if they hadn't been there, it would have been easy for me to give up and remain that way.

And, because they were preparing my meals and taking care of my house, I had time to do a lot of research about diabetes and nutrition.

As you are probably aware, I found that there is a lot of information out there on the Internet and in the local libraries about diabetes -- that's the good news.

But, the bad news is that because there is so much information out there, it makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction; and, decide which diabetes program is telling you the truth.

So, after doing the research and after my mother and daughter helped me with my diabetes, I started to put together a list of key criteria and attributes about what would make up a successful diabetes diet and a successful diabetes program.

The key criteria and attributes included the following:

  • The diet and the program must work (duh!)
  • The diet and the program must be easy to understand
  • The diet and the program must be easy to implement
  • The diet and the program must be flexible
  • The diet and the program must be inexpensive
  • The diet must not require some "special" food or supplement
  • The diet and the program must provide support
  • The diet and program must address the root causes of diabetes

So, when I designed my diet and my program, I always kept these key criteria and attributes in mind. And, if my diet and program didn't have one of these attributes, then, I made changes to my diet and my program to include that attribute.

Bottom-line, you need a diet and a program that will work, will stop the rot and will reverse your diabetes.

And, by doing so, prevent the long-term complications of diabetes, namely: blindness, amputation, kidney dialysis, stroke, and heart attack; as well as other health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, erectile dysfunction and chronic fatigue.

The DTD Reverse and Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Program addresses all of these key criteria and attributes. It accomplishes this by providing you with the proper information to help you to stop the rot, and help you prevent or reverse your diabetes -- as long as you're willing to change your eating habits and your lifestyle.

The DTD Reverse and Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Program is based on scientific research and the experiences of an ex-diabetic engineer, who survived a near-death diabetic coma, and eventually wrote the top-selling book, Death to Diabetes.

The DTD Reverse and Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Program is a wellness program, not a weight loss program. In other words, the program focuses on how to improve your wellness and overall health -- not, how to lose weight. Because if you improve your wellness and overall health, your body will burn the fat and you will lose the weight!

Unfortunately, most diabetes programs focus strictly on weight loss instead of how to either prevent the disease or how to attack the disease and improve the body's overall health. As a result, the diabetes may go into remission, but, it's still there, lurking in the background, waiting for you to make a mistake.

The DTD Reverse and Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Program is the only program that we're aware of that provides a roadmap and a tracking mechanism (6 stages) so that you always know where you are in the program.

Remember: You're going on a new journey, a road trip if you will. So, if you were going on a road trip in your car to some new city or state, you would get a map, call AAA for a TripTik, o use a GPS device.

The same thought process applies to going on a new journey to get well. You're trying to go from a state of illness to a state of wellness; and, in order to do that, you need instructions and a map to get you there.

Most diabetes programs give you instructions, but, they don't really give you a roadmap to guide you. That's one of the unique aspects of this diabetes program.

And, because this program was designed by an engineer, it is well thought out. And, because this program was designed by an ex-diabetic, it has insights that only come from being diabetic. 

The following are just some of the many benefits of this diabetes program to you:

  • Imagine! -- A life without diabetes -- no more pain and no more drugs!
  • Reverse and cure Type 2 diabetes naturally
  • Turn your body into a fat-burning machine!
  • Lower your blood glucose level to the normal range within weeks! 
  • Lose weight effortlessly
  • Lose weight permanently
  • Lose the belly fat and feel energized!
  • Lower blood pressure!
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Save your hard-earned money!
  • No more hospital stays!
  • No more toxic drugs! (and their side effects)
  • Better financial health
  • Enjoy eating without the anxiety!
  • Look good and feel good!
  • Avoid the "insulin addiction" trap!
  • Enjoy weddings, picnics, birthday parties, and other social events!
  • Enjoy a better sex life!
  • Happier outlook on life
  • A better work life
  • A happier family
  • A lot less stress!
  • Surprise your friends who will think you had a facelift or liposuction!
  • Prevent a heart attack, stroke, blindness, amputation, or kidney failure!

FYI: Go to YouTube and watch some of the videos with the author talking about diabetes, nutrition, and his recovery.

Recommendation: After you have watched the videos and tried the program, if you're really serious about defeating your diabetes, then, you need to acquire the proper education about what foods to eat and what foods not to eat.

Consequently, we recommend that you get the Death to Diabetes paperback book (or ebook) -- after trying the program.

This book provides the foundation of knowledge that you need to successfully control, manage and possibly reverse your diabetes; and, prevent the complications of blindness, amputation, kidney dialysis, and heart attack.

If you need something that you can download immediately to your computer, then, we recommend that you get the Death to Diabetes ebook. Otherwise, get the paperback book.

Did You Know That?: The "Death to Diabetes" book has become one of the top-selling diabetes books in the country while helping thousands of diabetics. "Death to Diabetes" has recently been rated as one of the top-rated medical books and top-rated health books in the country, by several medical groups and health groups! The book is now being sold internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, South Africa, India, China, Australia, and Brazil.

Have you seen the hundreds of book reviews and testimonials from diabetics, readers, medical doctors, and people on Facebook? We have the only website with book reviews and testimonials from live people who you can actually contact and talk with about their success with our program!

And, don't forget that the author has been where you are. And, because he's suffered with this disease and conquered it, he can definitely help you, and will be available to guide you on your journey.

Remember: You aren't just buying a book -- you're buying support to someone who can answer your questions and actually help you so that you are not alone.

If you've ever met the author, then, you know that he can help you. If you haven't met him, then, listen to him on YouTube. In this video, he is being introduced by a doctor at a medical conference. And, in this video, the author talking about the endocrinologist's denial of him improving his health and his diabetes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the book and let's get started on your new journey to better health and a better life.

Still need more information?

Information about the Death to Diabetes Book

Type of Book: Paperback
Size of Book: 400 6" x 9" pages, 17 chapters
Version of Book: 4.0, 2012
ISBN: 0977360741 
Author: DeWayne McCulley
Retail Price of Book: $24.95
Free shipping (Within U.S.)
Free gifts valued at $150: CD, newsletter, etc.
Detailed Description of Book
Book's Table of Contents

Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-800-813-1927
Email: Admin Office

Note: If you still have doubts, then, fill out this form to get one of the author's free diabetes ebooks to help you improve your diabetes and verify that this program will work for you.

A Natural Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

A Natural Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?
Make no mistake about it -- as the diagrams below depict, Type 2 diabetes is a complex disease.

But, that doesn't mean you don't have a fighting chance to defeat this disease.

Much of what you have probably heard about diabetes from your doctor or health care provider may be incorrect. There is an enormous amount of misinformation circulating from seemingly knowledgeable sources about diabetes.

The vast majority of diabetics are unaware about how to reverse their diabetes, and many don’t even realize that they can. They believe their fate has been sealed and all they can do now is “control” it.

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of so-called "diabetes cures" that make it confusing for diabetics to figure out which one to choose.

This author has made it easy by doing 2 things:

  1. He explains diabetes in detail so that you can understand the disease and how to defeat it.
  2. He explains his program and how to use it without having to buy his book or DVD!

(No other program, book or website does this!)

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Programs

Type 2 diabetes can be cured according to all the promotions on the Internet. There have been hundreds of diabetes cure promotions for 90 days, 60 days, 6 weeks, 4 weeks, a month, and now 30 days. There are some that even claim to cure your diabetes in a week!

There are other diabetes cure promotions and reverse diabetes promotions based on a raw food diet, and other diets.

In addition, there are other diabetes cure promotions and reverse diabetes promotions based on raw juicing, detox, and other alternative therapies.

Unfortunately, many of these diabetes cure programs are being marketed to take advantage of a growing and desperate diabetic population that is looking for a solution to their diabetes and other diabetic complications.

If you have spent your hard-earned money and been burned by any of these programs, then, you know that you have to be careful.

If you haven't been burned, then, review our "cure diabetes scams" web page to ensure that you know how to recognize a diabetes scam -- before you give up your hard-earned money.

Concerning the feasibility of these diabetes cure programs, please realize that one of the key pathologies of Type 2 diabetes is the damage (glycation) to the red blood cells, caused by the diabetes.

And, since it takes at least 90-120 days to turn over your (damaged) red blood cells, it is impossible to cure your diabetes in less than 90 days!

Unfortunately, most diabetics lack the science background, and consequently, become susceptible to these types of misleading promotions.

Most diabetes programs won't tell you what you should be looking for in a diabetes program or book before you buy it.

However, the author of this program does identify the key attributes that you should be looking for before you buy his program or any program for that matter:

  • Program must work
  • Program must be easy to understand
  • Program must be easy to implement
  • Program must be flexible
  • Program must be inexpensive
  • Program must provide support
  • Program must have real proof that's verifiable
  • Program should provide access to the author

If the program or book that you're looking at doesn't have, at least, some of these attributes, then, you're probably going to be disappointed.

If you want more detail about the attributes that you should be looking for in a Reverse and Cure Diabetes Program, then, go to our Key Attributes web page.

Beware of The "Money Back Guarantee" Gimmick

Some of these diabetes programs offer a "money back guarantee", but have you ever tried to get your money back from one of these programs?

The truth is that most of these programs don't expect you to keep following up to get your money back. Studies show that most people give up after trying several times to get their money back.

Instead of offering a "money back guarantee", why don't these cure diabetes programs just offer their program free of charge? And, if the cure diabetes program works, then, you can order the book.

The reason is pretty simple. These cure diabetes programs already know that their program isn't going to work for the majority of diabetics! So, they're not going to explain their program and how to get started for free!

However, our program (the Death to Diabetes Program) does explain how it works and even goes a step further to give you the first 3 steps of the program so that you can verify it works before you buy anything.

Why do we do this? Because the author knows that his program works! Just go to the Get Started Steps web page to try the program and find out for yourself.

Do You Have Doubts? Need Proof?
Do you have any doubts about what this engineer is saying about reversing Type 2 diabetes? Do you doubt that this program really works?

We realize that it may be difficult to accept what this man is saying. Consequently, we have put together a corroborating list of clinical studies and a list of medical doctors that substantiate and support many of Mr. McCulley's claims, his wellness program, and his book.

In addition, here is a growing list of medical doctors who say that Type 2 diabetes is reversible! 

Several medical groups and health groups have recently rated "Death to Diabetes" as one of the top-rated medical books and top-rated health books in the country! And, now the book is being sold internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, South Africa, India, China, Australia, and Brazil.

Besides doctors, here is a lot of feedback from diabetics and readers on

But, if you don't believe the testimonials, we have the only website where you can actually connect to some of the people who provide their book reviews and testimonials (via Facebook) -- so that you know the testimonials are real.

Here's a newspaper article about Mr. McCulley. It includes a quote from his primary care physician, but some of his other quotes were removed because the American Medical Association (AMA) didn't want one of their own to admit publicly that Mr. McCulley is now an ex-diabetic.

If you have doubts that this program will work for you because you've been burned by other similar websites that make claims but don't deliver, then, as stated earlier, just use the first 3 steps of the program (free of charge) before you even consider buying the book.

If you still have trouble believing an engineer, please keep in mind that engineers are widely considered very smart people. :-) Why?

Because what they learn in college and in Corporate America allows them to work in various fields including the medical field. This blog post provides a list of some famous people who were engineers and were successful in the medical field and other fields besides engineering.

As an engineer, Mr. McCulley was taught that there are no complex problems -- just a bunch of simple problems rolled up into one problem. The key is to figure out to break the complex problem down into a set of simple problems. Then, solve each of the simple problems.

So, how do we do that? By taking a look at the science behind the disease -- to understand how the disease really works.

Now, in engineering, we take a slightly different view of "disease" in machines -- we focus on what's actually causing the machine failure, and we use various engineering methodologies to analyze and determine the root causes.

Also, from an engineering perspective, we frame "the problem" a little differently than medical science. Why? Because we realize that the first critical step in solving a problem is to carefully define the problem. If you do not define the problem, you cannot solve the problem -- end of story.

So, from an engineering perspective, the problem is "a human body is defective, it's broken, it has a disease called "Type 2 diabetes".

To further understand the scope of this problem, we take a look at the following:

  • Pathology
  • Pathogenesis (at the cellular level)
  • Etiology
  • Epidemiology
  • Morbidity/Mortality
  • Endocrinology
  • Hematology
  • Critical Blood Test Parameters
  • Analysis of Studies
  • Meta analysis (across studies)

We also take a look at several engineering methodologies and tools:

  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Failure Modes, Effects and Critical Analysis (FAMECA)
  • Diagnostics Engineering Analysis (DEA)
  • Sequential Events Flow Charting/Analysis (SEFCA)
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Solution Selection Analysis & Optimization (SSA&O)
  • Reverse Engineering (RE)
  • Statistical Engineering Analysis (SEA)
  • Current State/Desired State Gap Analysis (GA)
  • Mathematical Modeling & Computational Methods
  • System State Diagrams (SSD)
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Stress Test Analysis (STA)

From an engineering perspective, we "see" the disease a little differently. Instead of characterizing Type 2 diabetes as a "blood sugar" disease, we see it as a disease of cellular damage -- defective cells. So, from our viewpoint, the question is very simple: "Can the cellular damage be repaired? Can the defective cells be fixed?"

Because we love detail, we took a deeper look at the cellular damage, and discovered (from all the excellent medical research and clinical studies) that a specific portion of the cells were damaged -- namely, the insulin cell receptors that recognize insulin and allow glucose to be pulled into the cells from the bloodstream.

Because these receptors are damaged, the cells can't pull in glucose from the bloodstream. So, how do we repair these receptors?

Well, since cells are made up of water, protein, fat, and saccharides, what if we provided these cells better raw materials? What if we provided these damaged cells the best proteins? the best fats? the best water? the best saccharides? Would that help? Well, it couldn't hurt!

We also took a look at the blood, and discovered that most if not all Type 2 diabetics are deficient in several key nutrients, e.g. Omega-3s, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10, water, amino acids, etc. In other words, the cells are suffering from a nutritional starvation.

There are thousands of studies that demonstrate the healing powers of food such as vegetables, greens, fish, legumes and plant oils, and filtered water. Interestingly, a diabetic's body is fighting inflammation, oxidative stress, and toxicity.

Drugs actually cause more inflammation, oxidative stress, and toxicity, so it's clear why most diabetics can't improve their health. The good news is that certain whole foods such as broccoli, red peppers, garlic, onion and extra virgin olive oil actually fight and prevent inflammation, oxidative stress, and toxicity!

So ... if you provide the diabetic's body with these missing nutrients, is it possible that he/she can get well?

It depends upon how many years the diabetic's body has been breaking down and rotting from the inside and the overall health state of the diabetic's body. More important is the attitude of the diabetic -- if the diabetic is willing to make changes, he/she has a fighting chance.

So, how do you know the diabetic's health is improving?

From an engineering perspective, we look at a comprehensive set of data, not just blood glucose levels. We believe that the diabetic's body must improve in several critical areas, including fasting blood glucose, post-meal blood glucose, stress-test blood glucose, insulin level, blood pressure, hemoglobin A1C, weight/waist line, body composition, lipid profile (blood cholesterol), energy level, and emotional stability.

As you can see, our definition of a possible "cure" is very comprehensive. Even if medical science doesn't accept this definition, would you accept it? If your health improved in most of these areas, would you conclude that, at least, you are healthier? And, if your blood glucose levels are stable, even after you eat a piece of pizza or have a bowl of ice cream, would you agree that, at least, your body is healthier?

Author Sidebar: Below are just a few of the many diagrams and flow charts that I created to try to explain how diabetes works in the human body. I use these diagrams in our online training classes, business training with other healthcare professionals, corporate classes with other companies and organizations, workshops, seminars, and health coaching sessions.

Diabetes at Cell Level

The Biology of Type 2 Diabetes

The Biology of Type 2 Diabetes

This roadmap takes you on a journey from being diabetic (Stage 1) to reversing your diabetes (Stage 4) and curing your diabetes (Stage 6).

This is accomplished by following all 10 steps of the Death to Diabetes program.

Death to Diabetes Wellness Program

When you start to follow the 10 steps of the Death to Diabetes program, your body will be in Stage 1 of the 6-stage recovery model.

Gradually your body will begin to re-balance your hormones and reduce the insulin resistance so that your body will progress to Stages 2 and 3. At that point, you should get the book (if you haven't yet) so that you can reach Stages 4, 5 and 6 to properly manage your diabetes, initiate the internal repair processes in your body, and possibly reverse your diabetes.

Author Sidebar: Most people are aware that diet and exercise help to control their diabetes, and even slow down its progress, but it doesn't stop the disease from spreading and causing more damage. This is a key point for diabetics who are doing a good job at controlling their diabetes with diet and exercise.

I define this as "Stage 4" of my 6-stage diabetes recovery/ repair/reversal model. Diabetics who reach Stage 4 have a major opportunity to reach Stages 5 and 6, and actually eradicate the disease! -- instead of just controlling it.

So, for those of you who are doing a good job at controlling your diabetes with diet and exercise, we recommend that you get my Death to Diabetes -- so that you can get beyond Stage 4.

FYI: For those of you who are controlling your blood sugar with diabetic drugs, you are probably in Stage 2.

Can Diabetes Be Cured Naturally Without Drugs?

Is Death to Diabetes a Natural Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

So is this Death to Diabetes program a natural cure for Type 2 diabetes? Is the Death to Diabetes Diet really the answer?

Worse case: Even if this program were not a cure, it will still stop the development of diabetic complications such as amputation, blindness, kidney dialysis, a heart attack or a stroke. 

Best case: If this program works, you'll be able to live the life you were meant to live.

Food for Thought: Why was Mr. McCulley encouraged to take more insulin even when the data showed he should be cutting back? If you've been diabetic more than 10 years, have you noticed that you are taking more medication today than 5 years ago? Doesn't that tell you that maybe the drugs aren't working?

So, if you're ready to get started on your new journey to wellness, get the Death to Diabetes paperback book or ebook.


Don't Let This Happen to You! Kill the Beast --Get the Book Now!




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