Learn How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Author Sidebar #1: When I was writing the book, it came pretty easy to me. I had spent the previous 2 years doing talks, running 2 diabetic support groups and participating in numerous health fairs and other community events.

I had also created a pamphlet and a handout that everyone loved. No matter how many copies I brought with me, I always ran out of copies! Luckily, I worked at Xerox; otherwise, this would have been expensive to keep making so many copies. :-)

And, because of all the questions I kept getting, I ended up expanding the handout to 10 pages, then 25 pages and finally 75 pages! 

So, by the time I finally gave in to my mother and decided to write the book, I realized that I had already laid out the outline and created the meal plate model.

Also, I had created a wellness model, which I was able to map into the chapters of my book.

And, since I had collected quite a few clinical references and studies, it made it easier for me to make specific claims in the book.

The only time that writing the book became hectic was during the last part of the proofreading stage, when I had to officially release the manuscript to the publisher. After reading and rereading the manuscript hundreds of times, I still didn't feel comfortable with the manuscript.

But, finally, I released the manuscript to the publisher. And, guess what happened? Just 2 days later, I found a typo! Aaaaah! :-o

The "Death to Diabetes" book is a comprehensive 400-page 6" x 9" paperback book that I wrote specifically to help people with prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

This book explains the major root causes of Type 2 diabetes and how to properly control and reverse the disease as well as prevent the onset of diabetes and its complications.

The foundation of this book is based on my experience as a diabetic as well as on the clinical studies and research that I did in the areas of etiology, pathophysiology, epidemiology and nutritional science. Using all of these sciences may seem like an overkill, but, I felt that I needed to ensure that my book was science-based, not just a story of my recovery.

My book will help to provide you with the following health benefits:

  • Improve your health and reverse your diabetes
  • Lower your blood glucose without drugs, using 5 key nutrients
  • Avoid the 7 most common mistakes that diabetics make
  • Save time and money in preparing nutritious meals that lower glucose levels
  • Reduce the stress in your life
  • Enjoy exercise in less time while increasing glucose uptake and energy level
  • Use your blood glucose test results to reduce your insulin resistance
  • Enjoy your favorite foods without increasing your glucose level
  • Select quality nutritional supplements based on 7 key criteria
  • Use the wellness protocols to prevent, control or reverse problems with the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart; and, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and homocysteine
  • Control appetite and eliminate food cravings
  • Burn fat and lose belly fat
  • Use your inner spirit to reduce your stress and improve your physical and mental health
  • Work with your doctor and diabetes health coach to safely wean yourself off the drugs
  • Enjoy life with your family and friends
  • Help others with their diabetes
  • Become a health advocate
  • Start your own health business

Author Sidebar #2: I wrote my book to help others and provide the aforementioned benefits listed above. I never realized that by writing the book that (later on) it would help me!

Over the years, I started to get lazy or was too busy to run to the grocery store. So, sometimes I would order a pizza, or have a bowl of ice cream at night, or not exercise.

But, people would call or email me and thank me for the book; or, they would write a testimonial on Amazon or Facebook. I would get so excited, but, sometimes I felt like a hypocrite, because I had started to get lax with my own eating, exercise, testing, detox, etc.

In some situations, a person would ask for a health coaching session because the book wasn't enough. After most health coaching sessions, the person would be very gracious and thank me, but, I would also thank them. But, I don't think they truly understood how valuable their talks were to me.

So, you see -- all of us struggle with staying focused, eating right, exercising, going grocery shopping, etc. even when we know it's good for us and the right thing to do! 

So, I have to thank many of you because your testimonials about my book and your feedback during the health coaching sessions have turned out to be beneficial to me as well.

Author Sidebar #3: I specifically defined 5 "live" super foods and 5 "dead" foods, because there was so much confusion and conflicts out there about what a diabetic should eat and not eat. So, I wanted to make it crystal clear and remove the doubt, fear, frustration and anxiety from trying to figure out what's a good food or a bad food.

I also wanted to put this into a diagram because I felt that a picture made it a lot easier for people to understand what to eat and not eat; so, I added some diagrams to the book (which are also on my website and in my training program).

Note 1: Although I wrote my book focused on Type 2 diabetes, it is also a wellness and nutritional book. As a result, some aspects of my book (such as the nutritional, juicing and detox programs) can be used by Type 1 diabetics and non-diabetics as well. Consequently, we have many non-diabetic clients who use my book to understand how to eat healthy and for general health purposes.

Note 2: The original version (1.0) of my book was published in October 2005 by the on-demand publishing company, BookSurge and is now sold by Amazon.com. However, I have updated and re-published my book, which is now up to Version 4.0 (2014). But, my latest version is currently not available on Amazon.com. You can only get my latest version from my online store

Author Sidebar #4: When I initially wrote my book, the manuscript was about 275 pages, which is the average size of most health-related and diabetes books.

Experts told me not to add any more pages because they felt it would be too much for the average person to absorb. They also said that the extra pages would drive up my printing costs and reduce my profit margin considerably.

However, I felt that there was additional information that diabetics needed to know in order to go beyond controlling their diabetes to reverse their diabetes. Also, I wasn't writing this book to clear a profit margin - - it was to help people with their diabetes.

So, despite the warnings form these experts, I added information for wellness protocols for diabetic complications and other health issues associated with Type 2 diabetes, e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, obesity, heart disease. After adding this information, my book reached 400 pages! But I felt that most people would prefer to have the additional information instead of having a less thick book to read.

DTD Program Wellness Model

The design of my book and the specific chapters is based on my diabetes wellness model. I designed this model to include specific alternative wellness therapies to address all of the root causes of Type 2 diabetes.

I also designed this model as a flow chart so that diabetics and healthcare professionals could use it as a tool to track the progress of a diabetic going through my program.

DTD Program Wellness Model

DTD Book Chapters

Once I had designed the model and defined the specific alternative therapies, I designed my book to include at least one chapter about each major therapy.

As you can see from the following diagram, each major chapter maps into a major wellness therapy or a major activity associated with diabetes management and overall wellness. Pretty cool, right? :-)

The following is a summary of each major section and chapter of my book:

Front Matter. This section includes Comments & Feedback, Acknowledgements, Author's Bio, Disclaimer, Table of Contents, and a Meal Planning Guide.

Chapter 1. Introduction explains the purpose of the book and the reasons why the author decided to write the book to help other diabetics learn how to reverse their diabetes. He did this, despite all the controversy about diabetes and how to control it without drugs. Also, provides a list of facts and figures from various health-related organizations and doctors about diabetes.

Chapter 2. My Coma & Recovery explains the events associated with the author’s diabetic coma and recovery including how the author’s mother, daughter, and sister helped him reverse his diabetes, the accidents (blessings) that guided him through recovery, and some of his experiences with churches, support groups and other community groups that inspired him to write this book.

Chapter 3. Diabetes Overview describes the problem (diabetes) by identifying the major types of diabetes, and by explaining the science and pathophysiology of the disease, the short-term complications, the long-term complications, and the medical tests used to determine whether a person is diabetic. Also, explains the impact of diabetes as a growing epidemic, the biochemical/biological root causes of diabetes, why diabetics remain diabetic and fat, the 7 most common mistakes that diabetics make, and some of the common myths about diabetes.

Chapter 4. Diabetes Recovery & Reversal Model defines the solution to the problem (diabetes), including the five key principles of this wellness program, the eight major elements (wellness factors) that a diabetic must control in order to manage and reverse their diabetes, and the six stages of diabetes recovery and reversal – from being diagnosed to manage, control and reverse the disease.

Chapter 5. Macronutrients & Micronutrients provides definitions of the major macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat, liquids) and their benefits to your health. Explains the primary function of each macronutrient, including carbohydrates, which does more than just provide energy, e.g. cellular communication, immune system support for repair and healing.

Chapter 6. The 5 “Live” & 5 “Dead” Foods defines the 7 nutrient factors that determine the health impact of various foods and provides the definitions of a “live” food and a “dead” food. Also, defines the 5 “live” super foods and their benefits to your health; the 5 “dead” processed foods and their impacts to your health; the alkaline and acid-forming foods; the importance of juicing; the types of food cravings and how to fight them; the importance of food preparation; food quality (organic vs. conventional); healthy substitutes for sugar, salt, chocolate and coffee; food phobias such as the fear of fat and cholesterol; and a list of so-called healthy foods and health-related scams.

Chapter 7. The Super Meal Model defines a science-based nutritional model and protocol of a meal plate for eating healthy, nutrient-dense, and balanced meals -- designed to reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally. Also, identifies the specific attributes (characteristics) of a diabetic super meal, how to design/plan a super meal with or without counting calories, and how to dine out at a restaurant or a fast food place. This super meal model is very flexible -- it includes a range of diets from vegan to non-vegan, raw to part raw, etc. -- to give you healthy choices that align with your taste preferences.

Chapter 8. Nutritional Supplementation defines the importance of nutritional supplements, the types of nutritional supplements; the criteria for quality food-based supplements; and, how to recognize a quality supplement. Also, defines the key nutrients that are required to nourish, protect and cleanse the body; and, the minimum supplementation recommendations for a diabetic to support reversing their diabetes. Provides a list of supplements needed to nourish, protect, and cleanse/detox the body.

Chapter 9. Cleansing/Detoxification explains the importance of cleansing and detoxification; the role of the colon, liver, lymph nodes, kidneys and pancreas; how to cleanse and detoxify these organs to help reverse your diabetes; and other methods to cleanse/detoxify the body.

Chapter 10. Exercise defines the goals of exercise; the types of exercise and their benefits; a sample exercise regimen; exercise guidelines, do’s and don’ts; motivational tips for exercising; and, nutritional tips to optimize exercise in order to increase glucose uptake and support reversing your diabetes.

Chapter 11. Blood Glucose Testing/Doctor Visits explains the importance of blood glucose testing, when to perform blood glucose testing, and how to analyze the blood glucose test data. Also, provides a list of the major blood and urine tests, the vital few blood tests critical to a diabetic; other medical diagnostic tests; the importance of doctor appointments and exams, how to prepare for doctor appointments, and what to do during doctor appointments (to get your doctor to work for you).

Chapter 12. Drugs/Medications explains the purpose of most drugs and provides a list of drugs for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol; and, their dangerous side effects. Also, explains why people take drugs; and, defines a drug weaning process.

Chapter 13. Mind & Spirit explains the Body, Mind & Spirit philosophy and its connection to food; the power of God and your inner Spirit; and the Body, Mind & Spirit factors that determine one’s level of commitment to defeat their diabetes. Also, provides a list of practices to improve sleep, obtain emotional support, increase knowledge, and utilize the Mind & Spirit. Also, includes a list of inspirational quotes from famous people like Oprah, Bill Cosby, Christopher Reeve, Muhammad Ali, Ghandi, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Arthur Ashe.

Chapter 14. The 6 Stages of Recovery & Reversal explains the DTD reverse diabetesprogram and how to prepare for the journey from Stage 1 (illness) to Stage 6 (wellness), following the program's 10 steps. Discusses the timeline and expectations for recovery and how to accelerate cell repair to reverse the disease. Also, explains what a diabetic should do specifically in terms of nutrition, exercise, and blood glucose testing as he/she progresses from Stage 1 to Stage 6 of the program.

Chapter 15. Diabetic Complications explains how to fight the long term diabetic complications of kidney disease, eye disease, nerve disease, heart disease with specific super foods, nutrients, exercise, and spiritual health; and, how to fight other related complications, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high homocysteine, high triglycerides, high body mass index (obesity), fatigue, and frequent illnesses. Also, provides a general wellness strategy and protocol for most systemic, degenerative diseases and the primary root causes of most of these diseases. For each of the aforementioned diseases/complications, there is a specific protocol (template) that includes a list of super foods and recommended nutritional supplements.

Chapter 16. Next Steps defines the next steps that a diabetic needs to take to begin his/her journey to wellness after reading the book. Also, identifies the major barriers and excuses preventing a person from improving his/her health, and provides a summary of the 10 steps to control and reverse diabetes.

Chapter 17. Recipes of Super Meals provides cooking tips for preparing various super foods and meals, and key tips to help reverse your diabetes and prevent one from inadvertently sabotaging their health. Also, provides a list of about 15 simple diabetic-friendly recipes, thanks to the author’s mother and daughter.

Appendix provides a diagram of the Super Meal Model, a table of healthier alternatives for favorite foods; a list of more than 250 clinical studies and references; and a list of resources including books and websites for super foods, utensils, and exercise equipment, and references to nutrition/wellness websites that provide food-based vitamins/minerals and other supplements.

Index. Provides an alphabetical listing of key words and phrases used in the book to make it easier for you to find specific information.

Bonus Gifts. This page describes a list of the free gifts and bonuses that you will receive with your book order.

Other Information in The DTD Book

Other information discussed in the book includes:

  • The "Biology" of Cells: How diabetes works; and, how to trigger the body to initiate its cellular repair mechanisms (to reverse and cure Type 2 diabetes)
  • Why most vitamins don't work: How to recognize the difference between synthetic, natural and food-based supplements.
  • Why the drugs such as insulin and Glucophage (metformin) are only effective for a short time and set the (Type 2) diabetic up for failure and deteriorating health.
  • How to work with your doctor to safely and successfully wean yourself off the drugs.
  • How to save $200,000 in healthcare and medical costs.
  • How to exercise properly: to increase glucose uptake and lean muscle tissue.
  • Body, Mind & Spirit techniques: how to utilize the Mind & Spirit to connect with the Body; how to relax and reduce stress.
  • Natural wellness solutions to address diabetic complications (without drugs): nephropathy (kidney disease), neuropathy (nerve disease), retinopathy (eye disease), cardiovascular disease (CVD).
  • Natural wellness solutions to address other complications (without drugs): high blood pressure; high cholesterol, homocysteine, lipoprotein(a); frequent infections & illnesses, high body mass index (obesity).
  • The biochemical/hormonal wellness solution to weight (fat) loss: how to lose fat properly and permanently; how to address emotional issues, food cravings.
  • Websites, contacts for super foods, supplements, exercise equipment, kitchen tools.
  • 200+ clinical references and studies

The following is a summary of the book's key highlights and topics:

  • How the author overcame the coma, insulin and other drugs to reverse and beat his Type 2 diabetes
  • How to reverse and defeat your diabetes in 10 easy steps!
  • Why diabetics remain diabetic and fat: the metabolic doom loop.
  • How to attack the root causes of diabetes to reverse and beat your Type 2 diabetes -- the 10 steps to wellness (to reverse and beat your diabetes).
  • The 6 stages of diabetes recovery & reversal: from no glucose control to complete glucose control without drugs
  • The 5 major "dead" foods that fuel diabetes and prevent blood glucose stabilization and the reversal of the disease
  • The 5 major "live" super foods that help the body to prevent or reverse/beat diabetes while optimizing one's overall health
  • How to eat your favorite foods! (Healthier alternatives of various favorite foods)
  • The super foods/supplements that reverse/beat diabetes by reducing insulin resistance and repairing sick cells (to reverse Type 2 diabetes)
  • The Super Meal Model (The Diabetes Diet): to achieve optimum cell health; Super Meal examples for a typical day
  • The critical nutrients that most diabetics are lacking at the cellular level, including the key nutrients that enable the body to repair its cells and increase glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity, lowering blood glucose levels
  • The 7 common mistakes that prevent diabetics from controlling and reversing their diabetes
  • The 8 "living" elements (factors) that a diabetic must manage to effectively control and reverse his/her diabetes
  • The 5 critical health parameters/blood tests that a diabetic should be tracking to evaluate their diabetes

Note: Non-diabetics can use the book to address health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular issues, chronic fatigue, obesity, hypoglycemia, detox issues, sexual dysfunction, and other systemic health issues.

The author makes it very clear how to get started with the program, even before you start reading the book. With Version 4.0 of the book, on Page xiii in front of Chapter 1 (Introduction), there is a "Get Started" Meal Plan that describes what to eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. On the next page (xiv), there is a chart that shows how to select specific carbs, proteins & fats to design your meals.

The early chapters (Chapters 1-4) of the book provide the background information and explain the science of Type 2 diabetes; the mistakes and myths associated with diabetes, nutrition, and drugs.

The next few chapters (Chapters 5-7) of the book identify what foods to eat, what foods not to eat, and how to do meal planning in order to help reverse your diabetes and get off the drugs.

The next few chapters (Chapters 8-12) explain supplements, detox, and exercise; how and when to perform blood glucose testing; and, what questions to ask when you visit your doctor.

Chapter 14 explains in detail how to get started with the program and how to progress through the program from Stage 1 to Stage 6.

Chapter 15 provides a detailed wellness protocol that explains what to do to get started with reversing your diabetes.

In addition, Chapter 15 provides detailed wellness protocols (with steps) for specific diabetic complications, e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy, heart disease, etc. No other diabetes book does this!

Chapter 16 explains what should be your next steps after you finish reading the book. It also explains how to overcome the excuses.

Chapter 16 (Page 329) provides an overview of the 10 steps of the program. You should review these steps to ensure that you have implemented the entire program.

Chapter 17 provides some additional recipes to get you started with the program.

The book is now available not only in paperback, but, also as an ebook, 81/2 x 11 spiral bound book and MP3 audio-book download.

Book Versions: The "Death to Diabetes" book (Version 1.0) was originally published in October 2005 by the publishing company BookSurge. The author re-published the book in 2006 (Version 2.0), 2008 (Version 3.0), 2012 (Version 4.0) and 2016 (Version 5.0).

The book is sold by Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, various book stores, and health-food stores around the country. Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble sell the original version 1.0 (2005), usually with a 10%-15% discount.

The book is also sold by the author, but, he offers the latest version 5.0 (2016), at the original retail price of $24.95 with free shipping & handling; plus, several free gifts valued at $1216.

Although Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble provide a discount, we recommend that you buy the book from the author for 5 reasons:

  1. You receive the latest version of the book with free shipping & handling.
  2. You receive a free CD with the book. If you select U.S. Priority, you will also receive a free DVD and an additional free CD.
  3. You receive 7 additional free gifts, including 2 diabetes ebooks, 3 PDFs, and subscriptions to the Death to Diabetes Newsletter and online support group -- a total value of $1216.
  4. You receive a free online health coaching consultation or training session -- that alone is worth $350!
  5. You receive the book a lot sooner.

Book Format: paperback, 400 6" x 9" pages, ISBN: 0977360741

Did You Know That?: The "Death to Diabetes" book has become one of the top-selling diabetes books in the country while helping thousands of diabetics. "Death to Diabetes" has recently been rated as one of the top-rated medical books and top-rated health books in the country, by several medical groups and health groups! The book is now being sold internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, South Africa, India, China, Australia, and Brazil.

Note: The author's book is based on his original 3000-page book called Death to All Diseases. But the author realized that he needed to focus on a specific niche market that he understood -- diabetes. So, he extracted the specific information about diabetes, and added information about other illnesses that were related to diabetes, i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, eye disease, nerve disease, kidney disease, obesity, etc.

8½ x 11 Printed Version of the DTD Book

If you have eyesight problems and would prefer to read larger text, then, get the 8½ x 11 printed version of the book. This version is also for people who prefer a spiral bound book because it lays flat and is easier to use for studying.

Ebook Version of the DTD book

If you need the book right way or if you live outside the Continental United States and don't want to pay for international shipping charges, then, get the ebook/PDF expanded version of the book (to download to your computer).

Audio Book MP3 Download Version of the DTD Book

If you don't like to read or if you have eyesight problems, then, you can download a set of MP3 files. These MP3 files are recorded audio files of the author discussing each chapter of his book.

If you plan to do any juicing or if you want to reverse your diabetes faster, then, we recommend that you get Mr. McCulley's Power of Raw Juicing book.

If you want lots of macronutrient-balanced recipes for meals, snacks, appetizers, and desserts, then, we recommend that you get Mr. McCulley's 3-in-1 Diabetes Cookbook.

If you need to cleanse your liver, colon, kidneys and pancreas; and, reduce the toxic load in your cells because of all the dead foods and drugs you've been consuming for years, then, get the author's Cleanse and Detox book.

FYI: Don't forget to listen to the free CD where the author explains how to get started with his program and how to avoid the 7 mistakes that diabetics make.

Also, there is a free DVD (with priority shipping orders) that contains video clips of Mr. McCulley explaining how to reverse your diabetes.

And, with your order, there is a diagram of the Super Meal Plate to make it easy for you to remember how to prepare your meals.

Please Note: If you buy the book from Amazon.com to save a few dollars, please realize that you will not get the latest version of the book (Version 5.0, 2018) and the free CD/meal planner. In addition, you will not receive the free health coaching consultation -- that alone is worth $350! Amazon will only provide the original version of the book (Version 1.0, 2005). In addition, Amazon will not provide the free CD and meal planner.

FYI: If you need specific guidance after you've read the book, then, set up a health coaching consultation appointment with our office. Don't forget that your first appointment is free of charge.

More Information About the Book

"Death to Diabetes" has become one of the top-selling diabetes books in America and around the world!

“Death to Diabetes!” is slowly becoming a rallying cry of many diabetics and family members who are suffering unnecessarily with this disease and its horrific complications of blindness, amputations, kidney dialysis, heart attack, and stroke.

Many diabetics who were struggling with their diabetes for years were getting their blood glucose under control within weeks and reverse their diabetes following Mr. McCulley’s program!

Some of the doctors were so surprised that they invited the author to their diabetic support group meetings to answer questions about his book and how to reverse their diabetes.

Clinics and other medical groups invited the author to give them presentations on his findings about reversing type 2 diabetes and how his program is different from all the other reverse diabetes and cure diabetes programs.

Some doctors are slowly beginning to consider the power of superior nutrition because the author has been able to show them the nutritional science behind these foods and clinical references.

When the diabetic's body is fed these missing nutrients from whole foods, the body is able to defend itself against the disease! This is due to the human body being designed by God with an intelligent code that programs the body’s cells to repair and heal -- when they are fed the necessary nutrients from God's super foods (not man's processed foods).

Note: If you would like to know how the Death to Diabetes book became a top-selling diabetes book and one of the best books in the country, then, go to the Top-Selling Book web page.

During my recovery, I was confused and frustrated by all the conflicting information in various diabetes books and health books. None of the books, not a single book laid out a structured step-by-step plan to help me better manage my diabetes! None of the books clearly explained what foods to eat and not eat. None of the books explained how to use the blood glucose testing data to do more than figure out how much insulin to take! And, none of the books explained how to get your doctor to work with you instead of against you.

In addition, none of the books provided any real emotional support, where you could call a toll-free number, and ask questions; or, visit the book's website and find someone to respond to your emails.

In addition, my mother and my daughter kept bugging me to write the book -- they wouldn't let up. :-) 

Also, during my talks to various churches and community groups, they kept asking if I was going to write a book. Even my primary care physician felt that I should write a book!

I hope that the following information will give you some additional insight into why I wrote the book Death to Diabetes and why I designed the book's content, layout and cover to be totally different from any other health book on the market.

After reading quite a few diabetes books and after listening to hundreds of diabetics complain about the diabetes books that they had purchased, I realized that there were several things wrong with most diabetes books and other health/nutrition books. Consequently, I decided to focus on writing a "how to" book that accomplished the following objectives:

  • Explain diabetes in  simple layman terms that made it easier for diabetics to truly understand the disease.
  • Simplify a complex diabetes management process to make it easier and less intimidating for diabetics to implement.
  • Design a simple meal model that would not require any calorie counting
  • Clearly identify the foods that were unhealthy for diabetics even if it meant taking a risk for being laughed at by the experts.
  • Define the optimum foods and the best type of meals for diabetics, based on the biochemistry of the human body -- instead, of based on what the experts were saying in the hundreds of other diabetes books that didn't work.
  • Define a structured model that would make it easy for diabetics to track their progress from day to day, week to week, and month to month.
  • Define a set of procedures that would explain step-by-step what a diabetic should be doing each day during their recovery.
  • Define a set of procedures that could be customized by every diabetic to fit their specific needs and lifestyle.
  • Assume that diabetics are going to make mistakes, and develop a proactive strategy that would address the typical problems and failures that all diabetics face very day.
  • Clearly explain why diabetics remain diabetic and how to overcome these barriers.
  • Define a clear set of metrics that all diabetics could use to measure their progress instead of guessing.
  • Define a process for diabetics to overcome their fear and anxiety dealing with their doctors, and show them how to get their doctors to work for them.
  • Provide multiple ways for diabetics to improve their diabetes.
  • Provide clinical references to justify any specific recommendations in the book, especially for nutrition and supplements.

Note: I purposely left out a lot of information about the problems with the pharmaceutical companies, doctor kickbacks, insurance companies, and other similar issues. The rationale for this was based on what I was experiencing when I was facing potential blindness, a possible pulmonary embolism or stroke due to the 2 blood clots, double-leg amputation, and possible kidney failure.

People kept telling me about all the problems with the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and insurance companies. But, I realized that I needed to focus on how to get well. I also felt that other diabetics would rather read about how to get well themselves instead of reading about me complaining about something that none of us had any control over.

Ironically, once I got well, I had a lot of energy that I could now direct towards the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, insurance companies, and others in the very profitable medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

The Death to Diabetes Book's Cover

Despite what the experts kept telling me, I decided to design a controversial book cover with a serious title that would convey a serious message. The experts felt that the book's title should be something like "Living with Diabetes" or "Living as a Diabetic". They also felt that the book's cover should be a picture of people with happy faces, and the colors of the cover should be happy, bright colors.

I asked one of the publishing experts at the time: "Do you think diabetes is a happy disease? Do you think people really like living with diabetes?"

I wanted a title that would grab people's attention. I also wanted a title that conveyed a desired state of achieving better health. With my daughter's help, we came up with the title "Death to Diabetes". The experts felt that most people won't "get it" and will assume that the title is referring to them being dead from the diabetes.

As a result, they felt the title was too negative and dark for the public to accept. They also felt that having a health book where the very first word was "death" would kill my book sales. My daughter and I felt that it conveyed my message of hope and a better state of health, that is to kill the disease and put the disease in the grave instead of the person!

When it came to the colors for the book cover, I wanted a combination of colors that would stand out from all the other health books. Subconsciously, I always liked the colors black and gold because those are the colors of my favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. :-)

But, the primary reason why I picked those colors is based on my understanding that black and gold created the biggest color differential, and would allow the gold title to stand out against the black background.

My Book Cover Design & Kat Lanza (Graphics Designer*)

Sidebar: Before I published the book, the publishing experts tried to convince me to change the color of the book cover from black to red, blue, green, yellow (happy colors). They said there were no health books with a black cover. My mother pointed out that the Number 1 selling health book in the world has a black cover ... Do you know what book she was referring to? Yeah, that's right -- the Bible! ...

Book publishing experts and book cover designers kept trying to convince me to change the design of the cover, offering various alternatives with pretty colors and people with smiling faces.

During that time, I was being invited to various health fairs, so I needed some kind of banner/sign for my booth. Luckily, I found a local place that made signs. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but their graphics designer (Kat Lanza) was very patient with me and created a vinyl black banner with the words "Death to Diabetes". The banner exceeded anything that I was expecting at that time.

People at the various health fairs loved the banner, which attracted a lot of people to my booth! People at the other booths didn't quite understand what the banner meant and why so many people were attracted to it. I think it was because they saw the banner as a message of hope, not doom and gloom. (In fact, I still have that banner today! -- Thanx, Kat! :-))

During one of my visits to the sign store, I was complaining to Kat about not being able to find a professional book cover designer that would design my book cover. I'm not sure why, but, Kat agreed to design my book cover!

Kat understood what I was looking for and didn't try to convince me to come up with a different design. Instead, Kat found the right cemetery and shot a photograph of the entrance to the cemetery, which looked great! Then, I asked her if she could add 3 headstones titled "High Blood Pressure", "Diabetes", and "Obesity" -- which she did.

I was blown away -- it was a great photograph (see photo below) -- very powerful (I thought). But the publishing experts didn't like it. However, I went ahead with the photograph for the front cover design by Kat, who also designed the back cover.

Well, as it turned out, the publishing experts were dead wrong! (pun intended :-)). My Death to Diabetes book is now one of the top-selling diabetes books in the country! And, recently, the book has gone international!

And, because of the success of the book, customers wanted more information beyond the book, which led me to write several new books about juicing, detox, weight loss, autoimmune disease, heart disease, plus a cookbook! And, it all started with this one book and the book cover and support from so many people ... Now, if I can only get more people to share this information and get past the pharmaceutical companies, who don't want my story to reach the masses and don't want people to find out that the diabetic drugs they're taking don't really work -- in fact, the drugs keep most  people in a diabetic state!

FYI: These headstones were to indicate that these diseases would be in the graveyard instead of the people who were dying from these diseases. The experts just shook their heads, and felt that I had killed any chances of anyone buying my book with such a dark and negative cover. On the other had, I received a lot of praise from customers and others about the creativity and the "message" behind the graveyard scene -- all thanks to Kat.

*2016 Update: Kat [now: Katiuscia Lanza Baldwin] is now the owner of the store where she used to be the employee as a graphics designer! Congrats, Kat!

Death to Diabetes Book Cover Graveyard Scene

It's not that I had this fascination for Death. But, when I was in the hospital, I kept having a nightmare about being in a cemetery, walking slowly towards a headstone with a word starting with the letter "D", the first letter of my name. But I would wake up in a cold sweat before I could see the entire word on the headstone.

I told my mother that it was a sign that I was going to die in the hospital. But, my mother said that God was speaking to me through the dream, and that I should stop waking up before I reached the headstone. So, finally I stuck with the dream, and when I reached the headstone, I saw that the letter "D" was for "Diabetes" and not for "DeWayne". I was so happy!

But, at that time, I didn't understand the purpose of the dream. My mother said it would be more clear later on. And, she was right! She reminded me of the dream, when I was designing the book cover and it all made sense! The title of the book, the headstone, the colors for the cover -- it all made sense! Hopefully, it would make sense to diabetics and readers of the book ...


The Book's Design and Layout

I laid out the book logically, the way an engineer would present the case for solving a complex problem. After the Introduction (Chapter 1), and after discussing my personal experience with diabetes (Chapter 2), I present the book to the reader the way only an engineer would. :-)

I start with "the problem" (diabetes), explaining the problem in detail (Chapter 3). Then, I provide "the solution" to the problem (Chapter 4). And, then, I explain the solution in more detail by describing each component of the solution (Chapters 4 to Chapter 13): nutrition, supplements, detox, exercise, testing, emotional support, and spirituality.

Then, I pulled all the components together, to discuss an integrated solution in Chapter 14; and, also in Chapter 15 where I provide more detailed, specific solutions for the specific complications of the problem diabetes.

Now that the problem and the solution had been presented, I then provided a series of next steps in Chapter 16 -- so that the reader can decide how to proceed with this new and powerful knowledge base of information about science, nutrition, lifestyle, and spirituality.

As more of an afterthought, I added the last chapter because my mother and daughter felt that I needed some recipes based on my Super Meal Model of healthy eating. So, Chapter 17 is a summary of some recipes that my mother, daughter, and some church ladies gave me that I modified to ensure they were healthy and met my guidelines of a healthy, balanced meal.

I purposely used specific words throughout the book to convey my message and solution. I used the words "dead" and "live" to more dramatically describe which foods are healthy vs. not healthy. I used the word "Super" to better describe how powerful the solution would be, as in the Super Meal Model.

Note: When I was growing up, "Superman" was one of my favorite TV shows, so I felt the word "super" belonged somewhere in my book. :-)

I added the Appendix to provide proof to substantiate my solution, Including more than 200 clinical studies and references.

Finally, I added an Index, so that the reader would be able to use the book as a reference manual when looking up specific information. I also added a detailed Table of Contents, again to make it easier for the reader to find specific information.

Bottom Line: Get this book to stop these diabetic complications!






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