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    3. About the Author  author-bio renamed dew-mcc-ex-engr-1337
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    7. Mother's Help
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    9. Diabetes:
    10. Types of Diabetes Overview types of diabetes
    11. Type 2 Diabetes
    12. Diabetic Complications
    13. Root Causes of Type 2 Diabetes
    14. Doctor Appointments
    15. Diabetes Drugs and Doctors
    16. Blood Glucose Testing
    17. Impact of Diabetes on You
    18. Critical Blood Tests
    19. Autoimmune Diseases Alternative Treatments
    20. FAQs About Diabetes and Nutrition
    21. Alternative Treatments/Remedies:
    22. How to Control Type 2 Diabetes  renamed/redirected: Reverse Type 2 diabetes into Remission
    23. DTD Type 2 Diabetes Mgmt Key Areas rename add reverse to type-2-diabetes-management-key-areas   Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Mgmt Key Areas
    24. DTD Type 2 Diabetes Mgmt Program  type-2-diabetes-management-program rename add reverse to type-2-diabetes-management-program Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Mgmt Program
    25. Type 2 Diabetes Mgmt 10 Steps  accessible via form or SERP only type-2-diabetes-management-10-steps to 

      how-to-reverse-type-2-diabetes-in-10-steps.php How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 10 Steps

    26. Science Behind DTD Program
    27. Clinical References Type 2 Is Reversible new page 10/16/19
    28. Clinical Studies (General)
    29. Doctors Admit Diabetes Reversible
    30. Diets:
    31. Low Carb Diabetic Diet  renamed
    32. Low Carb Diet Meal Plan Plate  renamed low-carb-diet-meal-plan-plate
    33. Keto, LCHF, Paleo & DTD Diets
    34. Low Carb Diabetic Meals
    35. Low Carb Diabetic Snacks
    36. Low Carb Diabetic Meal Planning  low-carb-diabetic-meal-planning
    37. Diabetic Meal Recipes (from Cookbook)  access from email
    38. Diabetes Juicing Controls Blood Sugar 
    39. Cleanse-Detox
    40. Diabetic Supplements
    41. Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load Chart
    42. Testimonials:
    43. Book Reviews from Amazon amazon-book-reviews-testimonials
    44. Book Reviews from Doctors
    45. Book Reviews from Facebook
    46. Book Reviews from Email Customers customer-emails-book-reviews
    47. Products
    48. DTD Book T2 Diabetes Mgmt  dtd-book-type-2-diabetes-management renamed: reverse diabetes book
    49. DTD Juicing Book, Cookbook, Detox Book & Diets Book
    50. Diabetes PDFs-Ebooks
    51. Services
    52. Coaching to Type 2 Diabetes Management  coaching-type-2-diabetes-management
    53. Type 2 Diabetes Management Training  type-2-diabetes-management-training
    54. Diabetes Health Coach Business Training
    55. Contact Us
    56. Free Diabetes Ebook Form 2
    57. DTD Web Pages (This page)
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    60. Testing The DTD Program Free Ebook Download 
    61. The 7 Mistakes Free Ebook Download 
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    63. PDF Downloads After Purchase
    64. Blog (TBD link to blog section)
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    66. Miscellaneous: 23
    67. Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Diabetic Foods  renamed
    68. Raw Food Diet Controls Diabetes
    69. Diabetic Juicing Smoothies Book Recipes 
    70. Cleanse and Diabetes Detox Diet cleanse-and-diabetes-detox-diet
    71. Diabetes Meal Plate Samples
    72. Diabetic Food List and Grocery Shopping List
    73. Super Fats and Oils Control Diabetes 
    74. Top Fruits Control Diabetes
    75. Top 10 Nuts and Seeds Control Blood Sugar top nuts seeds control sugar
    76. Top 10 Super Foods for Type 2 Diabetes  top-10-super-foods-for-type-2-diabetes
    77. Salt, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
    78. Type 2 Diabetes Mgmt 10 Steps type-2-diabetes-management-10-steps
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