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"Super Meal Day Planner Blank Chart":

  Download this PDF document.

"Super Meal Weekly Planner Blank Chart":
  Download this PDF document.

  Download this PDF document.

"How to Design Super Meals Chart":
  Download this PDF document.

These documents will help you to track your daily meal planning. If you need more help with your day-to-day meal planning, then, we recommend that you get one or more of the following:
-- 90-Day Meal Planner 
-- 90-Day Boot Camp Meal Planner
-- 1-Day Meal Planner
-- 1-Day Meal Planner Guide 
-- Activity & Meal Planning Tool Kit

These documents will help with you with your meal planning and making better food choices. If you would like to transform your favorite foods into healthier foods, then, we recommend that you get the cookbook or one of the following:
-- Food Tips for your Favorite Foods & Comfort Foods
-- Favorite Foods & Comfort Foods Transformation Chart (Alternative Foods)

More Information About Meal Planning
Note: For more (free) information about meal planning, visit our Diabetes Meal Plate and Low Carb Meals web pages.  Also, read our DTD blog and follow us on Facebook to obtain up-to-date research and new information about nutrition, super foods, detox, supplements, drugs, clinical studies, and other key topics.

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