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"The 7 Mistakes That Diabetics Make"

If you are really serious about getting your diabetes under control and reversing your diabetes so that you don't have to rely on dangerous drugs, then, just follow these 3 steps:
1. Download our free ebook.
2. Follow the first 3 steps of our Death to Diabetes Program and measure your blood glucose to verify that our program works for you.
3. Contact us or order the Death to Diabetes book (or ebook) if you want to implement the remaining steps of our diabetes program and reverse your diabetes.

It's that simple. Now, if you doubt us and need more information, then, read on ...

Please read this ebook and follow the meal plan while avoiding the 7 mistakes. Then, measure your blood glucose over the next 7 to 10 days and watch it gradually start to come down. 

This will prove to you that the Death to Diabetes book (or ebook) will work for you and help you with your diabetes. 

Once you have proven this, then, you should go ahead and order the Death to Diabetes paperback book (or ebook). This will allow you to build upon your momentum and implement the remaining 7 steps of the program in order to stop the rot and reverse your diabetes.

And, by doing that, you will prevent the major complications associated with diabetes, e.g. blindness, amputation, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke.

All diabetics, assuming they live long enough, will experience one or more of these complications. Don't make the mistake and believe that somehow the medications you're taking are going to stop this from happening to you-- they won't ...

Don't Forget That: The "Death to Diabetes" book has become one of the top-selling diabetes books in the country while helping thousands of diabetics. "Death to Diabetes" has recently been rated as one of the top-rated medical books and top-rated health books in the country, by several medical groups and health groups! The book is now being sold internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, South Africa, India, China, Australia, and Brazil.

If you struggle with making changes, don't give up! The author had the same problems that you are struggling with! And, if he can overcome a coma and insulin shots, you can overcome your own personal health challenges!

Unfortunately, our statistics indicate that you will probably not return here after you download the ebook. If that's true, at least bookmark this page or listen to the author's story one last time before you leave ...

Author's Story:

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How You Can Reverse Your Diabetes:

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The 3 Major Barriers to Change

Why is change so difficult? Why do we fight change? Besides the fact that we don't like moving outside our comfort zone, there are 3 major factors that prevent us from making changes to our lifestyle:

  1. Fear
  2. Lack of knowledge
  3. Negative attitude/motivation

There are other issues such as background, environment, lifestyle, financial resources, work environment, relationships -- but all of these issues always come back to one (or more) of these Top 3.

These three factors affect your mindset -- how you think and what you believe in. When I was diabetic, I didn't realize that my strong belief in my doctors and their drugs was due to my background as an engineer. I believed and trusted in science, so I believed and trusted in medical science and its drugs. But, thanks to my daughter who had some doubts about medical science, I started to do some research and discovered that some of the science about medical drugs was wrong! Once I realized this, I had to change my thinking and belief system to overcome what I thought was true about medicine drugs.

But, I must admit that I was afraid of changing. After so many years of believing one way, changing was not easy because I was afraid.

Most men won't admit that they're afraid. They're afraid of dying, they're afraid of going blind, losing a leg -- this creates anxiety which leads to stress and poor eating habits. They're also afraid of making mistakes.

But, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn.

Most of us think we know what foods to eat and how to control our diabetes, but most of us are mistaken and don't realize it -- so lack of knowledge is a major factor.

Knowledge is power … Acquire it. Then, use it.

There is a strong belief in the doctors and the drugs -- this is due to our upbringing and the fact that we all look up to the doctors. Because we believe and trust the doctors, we take the drugs hoping the drugs will work. But, due to this lack of knowledge, most people don't realize that the side effects of the drugs actually keep their bodies in a diabetic state, inhibiting the repair process.

We also take the drugs because we are not motivated to want to change our lifestyle. Most people do not want to change their lifestyle after living a certain way for 30 years. It's easier to take the drugs and be able to eat what they want.

We also develop a negative attitude or a "what's the use" attitude because there appears to be no easy solution and we're strongly influenced by TV, radio, the pharmaceutical companies, and the doctors. And the negative attitude depletes your motivation and will power to want to make changes.

You must acquire the knowledge to overcome these powerful influences that are destroying your health.

So, get the book and watch your health improve, and watch how your life and the world around you change!

Please Note: If you decide not to buy the author's book, please write us and tell us why. Maybe we can help you in another way.

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