The mission of the Death to Diabetes, LLC Company is simple: Educate people with Type 2 diabetes so that they can reverse their diabetes; and, prevent the onset of diabetic complications, such as blindness, amputation and kidney failure.

This mission is based on the experience of the ex-diabetic engineer and author (DeWayne McCulley), who was able to reverse his diabetes, safely wean off the insulin, and continue to remain off the insulin and other drugs during the past 10+ years.

This mission is accomplished primarily through education, using books, ebooks, MP3s, CDs, DVDs, coaching and online training as the primary vehicles.

The Death to Diabetes, LLC Company achieves its mission by performing medical research, sharing that research, and educating people (diabetics) about nutrition, diabetes, blood glucose testing, record-keeping, exercise, drugs, detox, supplementation, support, doctor visits, etc.

The Death to Diabetes Company provides guidance and education with its books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, MP3 downloads, online training classes, workshops and health coaching services. 

We, the Death to Diabetes Company, led by its owner (DeWayne McCulley) take great pride in our commitment and our passion to help you on your journey from illness to wellness.

And, our products and services are designed to help you on that journey. In addition, our website and online store are designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse and purchase any product or service, or provide any feedback.

Good luck on your new journey: from ignorance, apathy and illness to knowledge, hopefulness and wellness.

DeWayne McCulley
CEO & Founder of Death to Diabetes, LLC

Business Type: Health Education & Services
Name of Company: Death to Diabetes, LLC
CEO & Founder: DeWayne McCulley
Address: 1170 Ridge Road Suite 190
City/State: Webster, NY 14580
Neighboring Cities: Rochester, Buffalo, Toronto, Syracuse 
Phone Number (Toll-Free): 1-800-813-1927
Wellness Center: 1-800-813-1927
Email: Admin Office

Our core values are centered around helping our customers to prevent needless suffering and complications from Type 2 diabetes.

Our core values include:

  • Respect for Others
  • Trust/Integrity, Transparency
  • Responsibility, Accountability
  • Honest Communications
  • Metrics-Driven Strategies
  • Quality Products & Services
  • Structured Protocols
  • Community Support

The primary method that we use to support our core values is through education and communication. We believe that the Power of Knowledge is key to defeating this disease and other diseases as well.

We provide multiple ways for you to contact us:

Phone (Toll-free): 1-800-813-1927


Skype: diabetesengineer

Email: Admin Office

Address: 1170 Ridge Road #190   Webster, NY 14580

Facebook: Business Page, Support Group

Twitter: Death to Diabetes

Google Plus: Death to Diabetes/Engineer1337

YouTube: Death to Diabetes/Engineer1337

LinkedIn: DeWayne McCulley/Death to Diabetes

The company CEO and founder (DeWayne McCulley) provides a unique perspective and insight into diabetes that most other companies cannot provide.

That unique perspective and insight are due to the fact that he was diabetic and almost died from this dreaded disease. So, he understands the anxiety, fear, frustration, uncertainty, and the difficulty in fighting this disease. 

Mr. McCulley was extremely motivated to do the research and learn how to improve his health because he was facing some very serious health problems.  He was fortunate because he was able to use his background in engineering and biochemistry to gain a deeper understanding of his diabetes.

Mr. McCulley was also fortunate because his mother and his daughter took time away from their busy lives to take care of him. Because of this, Mr. McCulley understands the importance of having a support system. He readily admits that he would not have been successful with weaning off the insulin and other drugs if it weren't for his mother and daughter. 

History & Background of Company

Before there was a company, Mr. McCulley wrote the now top-selling book called "Death to Diabetes". He wrote this book to help other diabetics but, he also wrote the book because of requests from his mother, daughter, friends, co-workers and people in the community.

Because there were so many people buying his book and for legal reasons, Mr. McCulley had to work with a local attorney to set up a limited corporation for tax purposes and liability protection.

Then, because some people didn't like reading, Mr. McCulley developed a DVD as his second product. However, he admits this was not a good idea because he didn't really have the right tools to develop a high quality DVD.

Later on, because of requests from people who had bought his book, Mr. McCulley had to write a cookbook because many of his customers wanted more recipes.

Then, that led to requests from international customers to provide ebook downloads so that they wouldn't have to pay for the high shipping charges.

As more requests came in, Mr. McCulley had to develop additional educational products for raw juicing, detox, blood glucose testing, and drug weaning.

Then, he had to develop educational products for other diseases and ailments, including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, chronic fatigue, etc.

Then, Mr. McCulley was asked to begin providing educational services such as health coaching services, diabetes workshops, webinars, and teleseminars for companies, organizations, wellness groups, families, and individuals.

That led to developing corporate wellness education and training to companies and large organizations that recognized the benefits of healthy, motivated and informed employees.

And, that led to the development of the online training courses and training kits for naturopathic doctors, health coaches, nutritionists, wellness consultants, diabetes educators, and other healthcare professionals.

All of these educational products are based upon a wellness model that Mr. McCulley developed, and used to determine how best to reverse a disease like Type 2 diabetes and achieve optimum wellness.

The program (called the Death to Diabetes Wellness Program) is a well-structured wellness model that utilizes the 8 principles of the wellness wheel, the 4 pillars of integrative medicine, alternative medicine concepts, a science-based nutritional protocol, and approved medical protocols.

This program leverages several areas of medical science, including the pathophysiology of Type 2 diabetes, epidemiology, and etiology.

Consequently, this program is a science-based program that utilizes the latest research in disease pathology, nutritional science and various engineering methodologies -- all designed to focus on how to stop, control and reverse the biological processes associated with Type 2 diabetes.

This program is also a spiritual-based program that recognizes the importance of faith and the belief in a higher power; and, the importance of emotional support in order to provide real hope and fuel one's inner self to take responsibility and accountability of their own health.

Author's Sidebar: I never thought writing a book would lead to forming a company. But then I never expected that strangers would buy my book and still be buying it after all these years! Wow, the journey has been amazing and unbelievable ... Thank you to so many that helped me on your journey -- I couldn't have done this alone ...




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