If you are interested in generating a business income, one of the 4* ways that you can accomplish this is with the Death to Diabetes Program as an affiliate. 

All you have to do is fill out the Affiliate Request Form below.

We will provide you with a DTD Affiliate Code for tracking purposes. If you refer a friend, family member or someone in your community to the author's book, you will receive a sales referral fee if your referral purchases the book or other DTD product.

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*How to Make Money with the DTD Program

If you are a healthcare professional or health advocate, there are 4 major ways that you can generate additional revenue for your business by using the Death to Diabetes Program:

1. Affiliate Program: You can join our affiliate program by filling out the form (above).

2. Sell Books: You can purchase our books at a bulk rate discount and sell them at retail. Contact our office for the price points.

3. Conduct Workshops: Use our DTD Health Coaching & Training Program to run your own workshops and training classes.

4. Provide Health Coaching: Use our DTD Health Coaching & Training Program to provide health coaching to your diabetes clients.

Note: For more details, please contact our office.

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