Author's Perspective: I didn't like meal planning but as an engineer I loved testing. Ironically, testing helped me with my meal planning!

In fact, I designed a tracking chart where I could integrate testing and meal planning/tracking. As as a result, I became better at meal planning because I was so good at testing. In addition, my new tracking chart became one of our more popular charts with our clients, who wanted to do a more comprehensive job with their own tracking.

Diabetics loved our chart (see picture below) because it was easier for them to correlate their blood glucose numbers and their meals; and, figure out what corrective actions to take.

As you are obviously aware, meal planning and eating the right foods are critical to eventually being able to reverse your diabetes.

And, you are probably aware that blood glucose testing is also critical to being able to reverse your diabetes.

Unfortunately, with some diabetes programs, meal planning is not optimized to enable you to get your blood glucose under control. In fact, in most cases, you are told that it's okay to eat some bread or sweets every once in a while -- just adjust your diabetic medication dosage accordingly.

In addition, with a lot of diabetes programs, blood glucose testing is not optimized to help stabilize your blood glucose levels back into the normal range. In fact, in many cases, you are only told to use blood glucose testing to determine the number of carbs you can eat or how much insulin to take before or after your meal.

You are not told how to use the blood glucose testing data to get tighter control over your blood sugar. More importantly, you are not told how to use the data as an indicator for better hemoglobin A1C control -- this is area where engineers have an advantage over doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Consequently, most diabetes books and various so-called experts fail to explain how to leverage the data to actually reverse your diabetes because they really don't understand data analysis!

Death to Diabetes is the only book that we're aware of that leverages the data (and the other blood testing data) to help reverse your diabetes!

If you want your blood glucose testing to benefit you, then, you should record your readings, as well as the food eaten and medications or insulin doses taken. This information can then be used to adjust medications, meal planning, and exercise to greatly improve your blood glucose levels.

Here is one of the charts we use in the Death to Diabetes program to help you track your meals, blood glucose readings and medications (assuming you're taking any meds). 

Many of our clients love this chart because it makes it so easy for them to track their meals and blood glucose readings; and, correlate the data to determine what corrective actions to take in order to improve their blood glucose level.

Some of our clients also use this chart to track their medications and use it as a guide for weaning off their diabetic medications.


Having this data available in one chart makes it a lot easier to analyze the data and determine what corrective actions to take to improve your blood glucose and help you to eventually be able to reverse your diabetes.

If you like graphing your data, below is a graph that depicts what your blood glucose data would look like. This kind of time-line graph shows you how stable or unstable your blood glucose has been over a period of time.

Blood Glucose Testing Line Graph

Below is another type of chart (i.e. bar chart) that depicts the same data, but in a different way. By presenting the data in a different way, it can help you to better determine what corrective actions to take.

Blood Glucose Data Analysis Bar Chart

Note: If you don't care for charts, that's OK -- we can map the charts for you to determine what you should be doing. Or, if you need help with understanding your readings, feel free to contact our office and send us your data. As long as you have collected the data, we can help you with the analysis.

Refer to the Blood Glucose Testing web page and read Chapter 11 of the Death to Diabetes book for more information about blood glucose testing.

If you want to leverage your blood glucose testing to help you reverse your diabetes, then, get the author's Power of Blood Glucose Testing ebook.

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