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My name is DeWayne McCulley. Needless to say, back in 2002, I was surprised to find myself in the hospital, especially since I had never been sick a day in my life.

Even more surprising, my doctors were shocked that I somehow survived a near-death diabetic coma, despite a blood glucose of 1337, more than a 1200 points above normal! 

Luckily for me, I had great doctors and even better nurses who helped to save my life. In fact, I wrote a letter to the hospital thanking them and suggesting that they promote the head nurse (who was supposed to go on vacation the day the ambulance brought me to the hospital).

Because of the severity of my diabetes, my doctors put me on insulin: 4 shots a day of Humalog and Lantus, 60-70 total units. My doctors also told me that I would be on insulin for the rest of his life.

In addition, my doctors told me that I should look into hospice care and long-term care because I would eventually face amputation, kidney dialysis, heart problemsdepression and possibly Alzheimer's in my later years. 

Fortunately, I was able to overcome my diabetes and several health issues including:

  • hyperinsulinemia/hyperglycemia
  • hypertriglyceridemia
  • pancreatitis
  • two major blood clots (DVT)
  • pneumonia
  • obesity
  • weakened immune system
  • leg ulcers
  • four insulin shots a day

It was a very scary time for me because I had never been sick before. Plus, I was overwhelmed by all of the information that the doctors and nurses gave me to help me manage my diabetes on a daily basis. 

Luckily, my daughter knew something about nutrition and helped me when I got out of the hospital. In addition, my mother and sister also helped with meal planning and grocery shopping.

So, I had 3 women in my house telling me what to do.  Yeah, and, I think they enjoyed bossing me around. :-)

Ironically, their help freed me up to be able to do a lot of research into understanding Type 2 diabetes, especially from a scientific perspective. 

As a result, I was able to use my background in engineering and biochemistry to slowly wean himself off the insulin, Coumadin and other drugs.

Needless to say, this shocked my doctors, especially my endocrinologist who told me that I would be back on insulin within 3 months. Then, it was 6 months ... 9 months ... well, it's been over 15 years now ... and, I'm still free from insulin and the other drugs.

I was able to lower my average blood glucose level and his hemoglobin A1C to the normal ranges (92 mg/dl, 4.4%) while losing 55 pounds and getting my diabetes under control (without any drugs) within 3.5 months.

How did I do it? I was blessed with strong parents and teachers who gave me this strong work ethic and belief that I could do anything – if I really applied myself.

And, if my mother, sister and my daughter (Cynthia) hadn’t taken care of me when I got out of the hospital, I would still be diabetic today. 

When I returned to work, my engineering co-workers and managers were shocked at my recovery. Somehow, someone at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) heard about me and asked me to come speak at a local hospital -- so I did.

During the talk (and future talks), I always told the audience that what happened to me was an anomaly, so they should not try this at home without their doctor's approval. I also told people this because I didn't want to get sued! :-) 

Well, they didn't listen! I started getting phone calls and emails from people telling me that they were able to improve their diabetes by eating broccoli and Brussels sprouts! 

Because there were so many requests, I agreed to volunteer as a diabetes support group facilitator for 10 months. During that time I met hundreds of diabetics in the Rochester area and the surrounding communities.

Later, I developed a pamphlet and a 5-page document that I handed out at the support group meetings. Over time, the 5-page document grew to more than 75 pages!

In the meantime, my daughter tied to convince me to write a book, but, I laughed it off. Then, people at work and in the various churches and community groups also asked me to write a book.

After my mother told me that God told her that I should write a book, it became too difficult trying to convince her otherwise -- it was easier to just write the book! :-)

And, so I did. The book (titled “Death to Diabetes”) explains how I got my Type 2 diabetes under control and was able to safely wean off the drugs -- bye eating the right foods, avoiding the processed foods, exercising every day, and testing my blood sugar several times a day.

But, I must admit, I was shocked when I found out that people I didn't know had started writing about my book and sharing their testimonials on Amazon and Goodreads!

Over the years, I believe that my book (and workshops) have helped to save and improve the lives of thousands of diabetics, who are now living healthier lives without the need for so many toxic drugs and other medications.

Because of my book's success, we started providing corporate wellness training, workshops, classes, and training to various companies, organizations, and community groups.

Note: For more information about the book, refer to the DTD Book web page

Contact Information:
Name: DeWayne McCulley
Email: engineer
Website: www.deathtodiabetes.com 
Toll-free number: 1-800-813-1927

DeWayne McCulley Bio Update

The Death to Diabetes Book:

Thanks to so many people, my book Death to Diabetes book is now one of the top-selling diabetes books on Amazon.com, because it is one of the few books that explains the actual root causes of diabetes and provides a solution with multiple therapies, written from the perspective of someone who's been diabetic who happens to be an engineer.

Very few books, if any, can offer this kind of perspective and direct access to its author via seminars, workshops, health coaching consultations, TV/radio interviews and online training classes.

We now have clients all over the world, including countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, India, Brazil, China, and Singapore, just to name a few.

Because of the book's success, we now conduct corporate wellness training and workshops for various companies, organizations, and community groups. My interests include diabetes and other disease pathologies, clinical research, nutritional science.

In addition, because of the book's success and because of requests from other diabetics and some non-diabetics, there were a lot of questions about juicing, recipes, meal planning, detox, etc. -- even though these topics are covered in mybook.

So, I finally relented and had to write several books and ebooks that go beyond my Death to Diabetes book.

The Raw Juicing Book:

Many of DeWayne's clients like to juice, but it turned out that they were juicing improperly! Also, they were not storing their vegetables and fruits properly. As a result, DeWayne realized he needed to write a book about proper juicing -- for controlling diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight loss, and chronic fatigue.

If you want to get off the blood pressures drugs or accelerate and sustain your weight loss (especially the hard-to-lose belly fat), you should get the Power of Juicing ebook. This is a powerful combination when this ebook is used in conjunction with the diabetes book, helping to accelerate the body's repair processes and enable diabetes control.

The Diabetes Cookbook:

Everyone loved the Death to Diabetes book, but most people got tired of the broccoli and Brussels sprout recipes. :-) So, with his mother and daughter's help and several church ladies, DeWayne wrote the popular 3-in-1 Death to Diabetes Diet Cookbook.

If you want a diverse set of balanced meals to stick with the program and ensure you will control your diabetes, then, get the cookbook.

In addition, you will learn how to enjoy healthier versions of your favorite foods, which, again, will help you stick with the program. And, although the cookbook was designed for Type 2 diabetes, it also supports non-diabetics and weight loss.

The 90-Day Meal Planner Booklet:

A lot of people wanted DeWayne to tell them exactly what they should be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so that they didn't have to figure it out themselves.

So, DeWayne developed a 90-Day Meal Planner Booklet, which works hand-in-hand with the cookbook. It provides a set of charts that show what to eat for each phase of the program.

Diabetes Management Workbook:

During his travels, some people in the audiences wanted to know exactly what DeWayne did to lose so much weight and get his diabetes under control so quickly.

But, they didn't care about the science -- they just wanted the specific day-to-day instructions.

So, DeWayne removed all of the science information and developed a 30-day workbook. This workbook explains what to do each day, what to eat, when to test, when to exercise, etc. so that you can better control the diabetes in your body. So, if you want to get your diabetes under control in 30 days, get the Diabetes Management Workbook.

This workbook is based upon what DeWayne did each day during the first 30 days to get his diabetes under control, and allow him to eventually control his diabetes, with several improvements based upon his research.

The Weight Loss Book:

Because some of DeWayne's clients were overweight but non-diabetic, he had to write a weight loss book. So, if you want to leverage what you're doing with juicing to accelerate your weight loss or get rid of that belly fat, get DeWayne's Death to Obesity: The Weight Loss Solution. This is a powerful book -- especiallywhen used in conjunction with the juicing book.



Video Clips of Author Discussing His Recovery and How to Control  Your Diabetes

Here is a video of DeWayne talking about his recovery from the diabetic coma.

Note: For information about DeWayne's company, refer to the Death to Diabetes, LLC About Us web page.


Interview with DeWayne McCulley, Author of "Death to Diabetes"

Host: Today I am talking with DeWayne McCulley, an engineer of 25 years in Corporate America and now the author of the acclaimed book, "Death to Diabetes". Six years ago DeWayne almost died of a diabetic coma when his blood sugar soared to over 1300, more than 1200 points above normal! When he left the hospital 13 days later, he was on insulin (4 injections a day), a blood thinner (to break down the blood clots), and other drugs to stay alive. However, with the help of his daughter Cynthia, his mother, and his sister Margo, DeWayne was able to use his engineering and biochemistry background to get off the drugs and get his diabetes under controlwithin 4 months. Then, because of the strong persuasiveness of his daughter and because of requests from the American Diabetes Association support group that he ran, DeWayne wrote the now top-selling diabetes book "Death to Diabetes". Well, DeWayne, welcome to the show.

DeWayne: Thank you. Glad to be hear.

Host: Wow, what an inspirational story! I know a little about diabetes -- enough to know that a 1300-plus blood sugar is very bad. I don't mean any ill will here, but shouldn't you be dead?

DeWayne: Yeah .. I get that a lot. Whenever I'm giving a talk or a lecture and I tell my story, most people gasp, but, someone always says something like "Shouldn't you be dead?" or "You look good for a dead man." Smile

Host: But, I've never heard of anyone with a blood sugar that high surviving! What exactly were you diagnosed with? Were you a diabetic before the coma?

DeWayne: The doctors told me I had a specific condition known as a non-ketotic hyperglycemic hyperosmolar coma, which has a 90%+ mortality rate. And, because I had other complications, my mortality estimate was over 95%.

Host: Is it okay if I ask what were some of your complications?

DeWayne: Sure ... I had 2 blood clots in my leg due to DVT (deep vein thrombosis), so there was a concern that I would die from a pulmonary embolism and have a massive stroke. They tried to put me on heparin to break down the clots, but my body didn't respond, so they had to me on a blood thinner called Coumadin. The problem with Coumadin is that it takes longer to act than heparin. So I was kept under watch in Intensive Care. I also had hyperinsulinemia, a condition known as hypertriglyceridemia (which is too much fat in the blood); plus, because of the edema and lower leg blood clots combined with circulatory issues, the outlook for my legs and my kidneys didn't look good; plus, my eyesight was pretty blurry. In addition, I had pancreatitis, which they thought might be pancreatic cancer. I was also mistakenly diagnosed as a Type 1.

Host: Wow, you were really in bad shape! So, given all of that, how did you get well and get off of insulin?! I've never heard of anyone getting off insulin and all their medications -- that just doesn't happen. My listeners really want to know how in the world you did this?

DeWayne: During my workshops, I'm always asked that question. There are 3 reasons why I beat this and why I'm alive today: One, is God -- some people don't like talking about God, but you can't leave God out of the equation. Two, is my Mother, and if you knew my mother you'd understand; and, Three, is my daughter -- she was the driving force in the hospital working with the head nurse to convince the doctors to change my insulin drip and electrolytes. I wrote a thank you letter to the hospital thanking that nurse and recommending that she get a promotion or at least a big raise. She was supposed to be on vacation but she changed her mind when I was being wheeled into the hospital. She told the doctors that she had seen this problem several months ago and that person had died. Luckily, she along with my daughter somehow convinced the doctors to change my drug protocol.

Host: Your daughter is amazing. You must be very proud of her.

DeWayne: Yeah, I'm proud of her and she's smarter than she realizes. But, more than that, I'm very thankful to her -- she took a leave of absence from her job to fly up here and take care of me. I still don't know how she got to the hospital in the middle of a major snowstorm on the East Coast.

Host: How did your mother help you with your recovery?

DeWayne: Well, first thing, she prayed for me -- they all prayed for me while I was in the coma; and, God must have been listening, because I cam out of the coma and the doctors were shocked. I heard one say: "He's alive!" At that moment I had a flashback to an old Frankenstein movie [When Dr. Frankenstein saw The Monster open his eyes for the first time, he yelled: "He's alive!"]. Smile

Host: What else did your mother do to help you recover?

DeWayne: When my mother got to the house, she went to the kitchen and started packing up all my food, all my goodies. She threw out my 4 cartons of ice cream along with my little pizza pies, cookies, and soda. Actually, she didn't throw out the food -- let me explain. With the ice cream, she put in the sink and let it melt. And, that was some expensive ice cream, not the cheap stuff! With the cookies, pies, soda, bread, snack bars, and other goodies, she packed them up and had me return the food to the grocery store.

Host: What? Really? Why did your mother do that?

DeWayne: It was her way of showing me that she was in control and that I needed to buckle down. I was too weak to argue with her, plus, if I did I would have been peeling myself off the wall.

Host: Really? Come on -- are you saying you were afraid of your mother?

DeWayne: Oh, yeah! Hey, I grew up with that woman. she may have been religious and all that, but, she didn't take any stuff from us kids. She was a Living Legend in the neighborhood. Everyone was afraid of her, and of my father as well. If we were late getting home from the ball-field, the kids in the outfield would see her coming and they would be jumping on the fences. And, my brother and I knew she was coming. But, we couldn't run. Because, then, we'd get a worse beating. Now, my mother wasn't that tall, but she could leap and rip a branch out of tree. And, if you said anything to her, you became part of that tree. :-)

Host: (Laughter) Your mother sounds great. How did you daughter help you?

DeWayne: My daughter (Cynthia) knew something about nutrition and carbs, so she helped with the grocery-shopping and preparing some of the meals. She also helped me with my journaling and keeping track of my blood glucose readings and what I was eating. Because I was having problems with my eyesight, she took a lot of the notes for me until my eyesight got better.

Host: How did your engineering background help you?

DeWayne: My background in engineering and biochemistry helped with being able to analyze my blood glucose testing data. My background also helped me understand diabetes at the cellular level.

Host: So, when did you start to get better?

DeWayne: We all grew up on the farm back home; and my mother said "Boy, we're going back to the farm. We're going back to God's food." So, my mother had me eating a lot of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, string beans and anything that was green. I was shocked to see my blood glucose level start to come down within 7 days! So, were my doctors -- they didn't what was happening plus they didn't believe it would last.

With each passing day, my blood glucose kept going down. And, when it went too low, my family doctor suggested that I reduce my insulin. At that time I was injecting myself 4 times a day with about 65 units of insulin spread out through the day.

Within 3.5 months I was down to 0 insulin, no more shots! My endocrinologist couldn't believe it.He said that I would eventually have to go back on insulin in 3 months, then, it was 6 months, 9 months, 12 months ... after a year, he stopped seeing me. He told the physician assistant that I was in denial and that I needed to get back on the insulin.

Host: Why did the doctor insist that you go back on insulin if you didn't need it?

DeWayne: That's a story for another day.

Host: OK, so tell me, DeWayne, what exactly is diabetes?

DeWayne: First of all, there are 3 major types of diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease. Type 2 is a lifestyle-driven disease. And, gestational is a temporary form of Type 2 when some women are pregnant.

Diabetes is at epidemic levels with more than 28 million in the U.S. and 210 million worldwide. Type 2 diabetes is sometimes called a blood sugar disease. But, Type 2 diabetes is more than just a blood sugar disease. The high blood sugar is just a symptom of the disease. The real disease itself is a lot more than just high blood sugar.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease of biochemical and hormonal imbalances, along with cellular inflammation and excess oxidation that causes damage to our cells, tissues and organs. Consequently, in order to be successful with treating this disease, you must address the biochemical and hormonal imbalances, the cellular inflammation and the excess oxidation.

Host: So, how do you do that?

DeWayne: It all starts with what you eat. Everyone knows that diet and exercise are two of the important keys to managing your diabetes. But, most diabetics are following the wrong diet. These diets -- low fat, low carb, low cholesterol, high protein -- they don't work! They may work temporarily, but, they don't work long term.

Host: So, what's the right diet?

DeWayne: It's a plant-based diet with a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. Instead of eating oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, a better meal would be to replace the grain with a green vegetable -- that would be the carbohydrate. For the protein, an organic Omega-3 egg or some canned wild salmon; and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for the fat -- you add that on top of the vegetables after steaming them. Plus, a glass of filtered water or a glass of raw vegetable juice.

Host: Vegetables for breakfast? Really?

DeWayne: Yeah, I know it sounds nuts -- but, the bottom line is that it works. For anyone who tries my breakfast protocol, they'll see their blood glucose start to come down within 7 days (or sooner).

Host: Is that why you wrote the book (Death to Diabetes)?

DeWayne: Actually, it was my daughter who kept after me to write the book; and, also my mother. My mother said that God told her that I should write a book about diabetes. When I went back to work, several of my engineering friends told me that I should write a book also. I thought they were all crazy. But, when my family doctor told me the same thing, I gave it some serious thought.

Then, after I was asked to run a diabetic support group for the American Diabetes Association, many of the diabetics in the support group told me that I should write a book. So, I finally gave in and started doing the research. The more research I did, the more convinced I became that many of the books out there were missing the mark. So, I gave in and wrote the book.

Host: When did you publish the book?

DeWayne: Getting the book published was a lot more difficult than I realized. But, then, a small publisher in South Carolina agreed to publish the book for me. And, so my book was published in October of 2005. But, then, a blessing from God occurred. The small publisher was acquired by Amazon.com and the next thing I knew checks were coming in the mail! I couldn't believe it! To be quite honest, I never expected that strangers would actually buy a book written by an engineer. Plus, I didn't expect that people would actually like the book!

Host: DeWayne, I have to disagree with you a little bit about your engineering comment. Engineers are known as really smart people. So, I would think that being an engineer would have helped you.

DeWayne: I guess so ... My mother told me that God trained me as an engineer so that one day I would be in this position to help people and that people would buy my book. I didn't really believe her at the time. But, given all that that has happened, it turns she was right.

Host: How did you find out that people liked your book?

DeWayne: My daughter called me one day at the office and said: "Dad, you need to go to the Amazon.com website! There are testimonials about you and your book! People really love your book!

Host: So, why do you think people love your book?

DeWayne: I'm not much of a writer. I'm boring. I'm an engineer! You can't get any more boring than that! Smile But, people said they liked the book because it worked. It actually helped them with their diabetes. And, some of them were now off their meds! Then, I got some feedback from medical doctors -- that really blew my mind! Some of them bought multiple books! My doctor bought like 14 books the firs time!

Host: What is it about your book that you believe separates it from the other diabetes books.

DeWayne: It's simple -- the information in the book is easy to understand but more importantly the information in the book actually works. That's all diabetics really want -- something that actually works and helps them with this dreaded disease.

Host: A friend of mine heard you on the radio talking to a cardiologist. You told the cardiologist that people didn't have to buy your book? Why? Don't you want people to buy your book? I've read it -- it's a great book, so easy to read and understand.

DeWayne: Of course, I want people to buy the book because I know it will help them. But, when I was being interviewed by the cardiologist, I was trying to make a point -- that if people didn't have the money, they didn't have to spend their last dime to buy the book -- they could just download the information from my website for free.

Host: Wow, DeWayne, that's great! I've never heard of anyone doing that! Why did you do that? Aren't you going to lose a lot of money?

DeWayne: If you go on the Internet and google "diabetes" or "reversing diabetes", you'll find thousands of books and ebooks written by so-called experts who say they have the answer to your diabetes -- but, they don't. And, so diabetics trust these people and buy their books and then find out the book doesn't help them. When I attended several health conventions, health fairs and medical conferences, I met hundreds of diabetics who were complaining about getting burned and losing their money on books written by these authors and even some doctors that just didn't work. So, I decided to not hide my wellness information and not force people to buy my book if they had any doubts. So I decided to share my program and my protocol on my website so that diabetics could try my program before they spent any of their hard-earned money.

Host: But, aren't you losing a lot of money?

DeWayne: I don't look at it that way. I believe that my mother was right when she said that God trained me for this moment in time; and, that I was blessed to have almost died from a diabetic coma. I didn't understand what she was saying back then, but I do now. I believe that I was put that experience of the diabetic coma and given this information to share with the world -- so that's what I'm doing. Even if someone doesn't buy my book, hopefully they'll use the information on my website and tell a friend or relative about it; and, maybe that person will buy the book. But, worse case, more people will know that Type 2 diabetes can be defeated with the right information.

I believe that by removing money as a barrier or excuse, I hope that by doing this that this will increase everyone's awareness that Type 2 diabetes can be defeated -- with the power of knowledge. As stated in the Bible, Hosea Chapter 4, Verse 6: "And, God said My people perish for lack of knowledge."

Host: That's powerful. So, where can people download this free information about your book and your program?

DeWayne: My website -- it's the same name as my book Death to Diabetes -- www dot Death to Diabetes dot com (www.deathtodiabetes.com).

Host: And, where can they they buy your book?

DeWayne: They can buy the book from Amazon, but I recommend that they go to my website to buy the book. The Amazon version (v1.0) is a few dollars less, but, with me you get the latest version (v4.0), plus you get a free CD, a meal planning guide, and a free consultation -- that alone is worth $300. Just click on the link to my online store where you can buy the book along with some other books, ebooks, CDs, and DVDs.

Host: What other books have you written?

DeWayne: Well, I had to write a cookbook because most of the diabetic cookbooks out there aren't really for diabetics! And, then, I had to do a juicing book because people were juicing with the wrong foods.

Host: Why do you have a training program?

DeWayne: The first training program was for people who prefer online training instead of reading a book. Also, we had to put together a training program for the corporations who wanted us to come in and do employee training. And, then, some health coaches and other healthcare professionals wanted a copy of my PowerPoint slides, so I put together a training kit for them.

Host: Wow, you're a very busy man! Aren't you tired?

DeWayne: No ... doing this actually gives me energy -- it gives me juice ... it's my passion ... I think this is what I was meant to do -- my Purpose in Life ... when I run an all-day workshop, I can go the whole day if I have to without eating anything ... I'm just blessed to be in this position ...

Host: Your story is powerful. Why haven't you been on television?

DeWayne: They say I'm too controversial -- they say that I'm too anti-drug ... they say that the "powers to be" don't want my message on national television that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed and you can get off insulin -- that you don't need the drugs to control your diabetes or even your high blood pressure or high cholesterol. They don't want an engineer talking about the science of diabetes. Engineers have credibility. There's a concern that too much of the public would wake up and realize that maybe this engineer has something. After all, aren't engineers as smart or smarter than doctors? :-)

Now, don't get me wrong. Doctors are heroes. They save lives every day. They're good people -- they mean well. They're taught in medical school that drugs or surgery is the answer for most of our health problems. And, I'm not anti-drug. Drugs saved my life. My only problem was I just don't believe that the majority of us should be on these drugs for the rest of our lives. I don't believe that you need to be taking 6 or 7 pills every day. But, I'm not naive -- I understand the business side of this.

Host: You've got to come back and talk about the business side and the pharmaceutical companies. People need to know the truth.

DeWayne: I try to stay away from all that negativity and drama. Diabetics don't really care about that for the most part. They just want to get well and live a better life. FYI: There is information on my website about the pharmaceutical industry and the conflict of interest with the doctors and the medical industry. But, I want people to focus on the information about nutrition and how to eat better to live better.

Host: Thank you, DeWayne for such an inspirational story. I believe that our listeners learned something today that could help them or a loved one struggling with diabetes. And, if they want more information, they can go to your website www.deathtodiabetes.com/ or call your office toll-free at 1-800-813-1927. Oh, by the way, my producer just told me that people can also find you on Facebook and YouTube. My wife just loves your videos on YouTube -- she's says you're so funny yet what you say is so educational. People, check this man out! Even if you're not diabetic, you'll still benefit in some way. And, I promise you -- you'll be glad that you did! Take care.

                               --- End of Interview --

My people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

FYI: The above quote appears on the back cover of the author's book.

Next Steps to Better Manage Your Diabetes

For more information about DeWayne's recovery and how it can help you, refer to his Death to Diabetes book and the TBD blog post.

DeWayne McCulley (Engineer & Author)

DeWayne McCulley, Ex-diabetic, Engineer and Author

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Connie Mistler Davidson

5-stars     This plan really works and I wish that I could give six stars!
July 7, 2016 Death to Diabetes is one of those books that can help you whether you have diabetes or not … I was intrigued and tried the plan. It worked. I felt better, and I lost weight. My joints didn't hurt as much. When I went to the doctor for my annual blood work, I had better results than I had in years! It was amazing!

I highly recommend (the book) to people with diabetes and folks who just want to help their body work better. It is a winner!


 5-stars         Death to Diabetes Worked for me.

September 21, 2013 
I used this program myself. … I have been a diabetic for over 15 years … I have been off shots since August 26th and off pills for 15 days. Since Sept 3rd 2013 I have 4 of my friends and my sister have started this program. All are having amazing results …

Jan Avent Ransom

 5-stars         This book is life changing!!!!

February 24, 2013  
I started the program from the online web site until the book came … I was on 125 units of 70/30 insulin and 2000 mg of Metformin daily. 
Within 6 months of following this book I was off all meds. My A1C went from 8.9 to 5.7  …  Thank God for DeWayne McCulley and Death to Diabetes.

Janet Malone

5-stars    An Answer To Prayer!

October 1, 2014 

WOW!!!! What an awesome book! I bought several of Mr. McCulley's books and they are all so informative. I purchased his books even though he generously has most of the necessary information on his website … I have a diabetic sister … and her blood sugars began coming down immediately. I can’t recommend this book enough.


5-stars       Death to Diabetes is a life saver.

November 5, 2015
This book has really changed my life. When I bought it four months ago my blood sugar was high, I was on metformin 2000g a day  … Once I started the program I have never looked back, in fact it has turned my life around, I am no longer on metformin, my A1C is going down …


5-stars     A book every diabetic needs
December 10, 2014
I bought the book and video for my husband after he was diagnosed with diabetes ... His diabetes is now so under control that even the Coast Guard cleared him when he renewed his license to work on the water.

Dr. Richard Bradley

5-stars  Review of Death to Diabetes

January 24, 2014 
My name is Dr. Richard Bradley. One of the greatest men I have ever met is DeWayne McCulley. He is a gentle, passionate and selfless person ... 
His book, Death To Diabetes, is a medical primer, the final word, on the subject. The depth of knowledge expressed is remarkable.


5-stars    Diabetes .. DeWayne McCulley

October 20, 2012
I am convinced that if someone deserves the Nobel Prize of Medicine there is no other person but Doctor/Engineer DeWayne McCulley. Yes! I call him DOCTOR!...
His research is so deep in the field of Diabetes and sooooo efficient that I can't believe it works! And it works! I was on Metformin and Insulin Lantus + Humalog for 11 years...It's now history ...

Feedback from Medical Doctors

NYC Cardiologist Says "Buy the Book!" Dr. F. Vagnini, NYC

“Some of my patients are very excited about your program – because it works! Some of them are reducing their medication and others are coming off their medication.” Dr. W. Bayer, Rochester, NY

“McCulley's diabetes program is phenomenal! -- he's done something that the experts said was impossible. There's something about those engineers . . .” Dr. D. Courtney, Pittsburgh, PA

“This book is empowering. I plan to keep this book handy in my office.” Dr. J.B. Grossman, Journal of the National Medical Association (JNMA)

“This is a great book, very thorough and well-written. Buy the book!” Dr. F. Vagnini, NYC

“I'm currently reading the book for the second time. I think that it is outstanding. What you wrote is not taught in medical school, that's why some physicians may not support it. Don't worry my friend, the Public will support you, because you have done a superb job of researching, treating yourself and putting it in writing. Let the book speak for itself and you.”Dr. A. White, NIH

“What you've done with your recovery and the book is amazing!" Dr. J. DiPrima, NY

“Your book is great. Whenever I see a diabetic, I recommend your book to them. ” Dr. K. Kalidas, Florida

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