Author's Perspective: I couldn't find any meal planning charts online that were designed for people with diabetes. So, I designed my own charts (see below).

And, since everyone does their meal planning differently, I decided to design various types of meal planning charts to support your different needs. 

Also, since meal planning requires structure and pre-planning skills, a chart gives you that structure and helps to make it easier to plan your meals.

Daily Meal Planning Template Chart

You should use this type of chart when you're first starting out with day-to-day meal planning and using the Death to Diabetes nutritional model. As you can see, the chart is designed to remind you that with every meal, you must have a carbohydrate, protein, fat and beverage.


Weekly Meal Planning Template Chart

You should use this type of chart in order to have a bigger picture of what you plan to eat on a weekly basis. This type of chart helps with making out your grocery shopping list; and, gives you a better view of whether you're eating enough diverse meals throughout the week.


Daily Meal Planning & Blood Glucose Tracking Template Chart

You should use this type of chart if you want to track your blood glucose readings and compare them with each of your meals. This type of chart will give you a better idea of what foods may be spiking your blood sugar or which foods you respond to better in stabilizing your blood sugar.

Meal Plate Diagram Template

I designed this diagram of a meal plate to help you understand what your meal plate should look like. You can use this diagram for daily meal planning, especially if you don't care for charts.


Note: If you want a PDF copy of any of these charts, follow the instructions on the Contact Us page and specify which chart you want.

DTD Meal Planning Ebooks &  Tools

Death to Diabetes Meal Planning helps you in the following areas:

  • How to navigate around a grocery store
  • How to read food labels
  • How to select the proper foods
  • When to shop for groceries and why
  • How to save time and money when grocery-shopping

Death to Diabetes Meal Planning and menus also address meal preparation because it's very important that you know how to prepare the meals such that you obtain maximum nutrition from the meals.

For example, if you overcook the vegetables, then, you destroy many of the key nutrients that your body needs to fight the diabetes.

Another example, if you don't add fat to the steamed vegetables, then, your body won't absorb the fat soluble vitamins and other phytonutrients from the vegetables, e.g. Vitamin D, carotenoids.

Key aspects of DTD Meal Preparation include:

  • The best oils for salads, cooking, etc.
  • How to prepare (diabetic)super meals
  • How to prepare quick meals that are healthy
  • How to prepare snacks that are healthy
  • How to prepare quick lunches
  • How to prepare vegetables
  • How to prepare vegetable soups
  • How to prepare stir-frys
  • What herbs/spices to use with what foods
  • How to transform comfort foods into healthier foods
  • How to transform your favorite meals and desserts into healthier meals
  • How to reduce the fat and sugar in your meals but keep the meals tasty

If you need help and guidance with your meal planning, here are some books and tools that will address the topics listed above:

For more help with meal planning to make it easier for you to reverse your diabetes, consider one of the following meal planners:

Note: For meal recipes, refer to the Get Started, Low Carb Meals and Low Carb Snacks web pages.

Note: For lots of meal planning ideas and recipes, get the Death to Diabetes Cookbook and 90-Day Meal Planner booklet.

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