Medical Doctor (Dr. Courtney) Recommends "Death to Diabetes" Book at Medical Conference

After impressing a medical doctor during a radio interview in Pittsburgh, PA, the doctor (Dr. Courtney) and his medical group invited the author (DeWayne McCulley) to speak at their upcoming medical conference.

During Dr. Courtney's introduction of the author at the conference, he mentions another engineer who wrote a research document about Type 2 diabetes. Then, Dr. Courtney smiles and says: "There's something about you engineers ... "

This video is the first of five 10-minute videos of the medical conference. During this video, the author discusses his recovery from a near-death diabetic coma and other events  that occurred while he was in the hospital. 

Key Messages from the Conference Talk

Here is a summary of the key messages from the first part of the speech at the medical conference:

  • Doctor introduces ex-diabetic engineer at medical conference.
  • This engineer was the only non-doctor that spoke at the medical conference.
  • Medical doctor (Dr. Courtney) mentions that another engineer (Thomas Smith), who also devised a solution for reversing type 2 diabetes.
  • Dr. Courtney recommends the engineer's Death to Diabetes book to the audience.
  • Dr. Courtney praises the unique thought process of engineers when it comes to developing natural solutions for diabetes.
  • This engineer (DeWayne McCulley) shares his story about ending up in a coma and in the hospital, on insulin, Coumadin and other drugs.
  • DeWayne McCulley says that there are 3 reasons why he survived the coma. He gives credit to God, his mother and his daughter for his recovery.
  • DeWayne discusses the support he received from his daughter while in the hospital.
  • DeWayne discusses what the doctors told him about having to amputate both his legs, but he would save $250. :-)
  • DeWayne explains his complications: 1337 blood sugar level, 2 major blood clots, hypertriglyceridemia, lower leg problems, etc.  

The remaining part of the author's conference speech is covered in the following 4 videos, where the author discusses Type 2 diabetes pathology, nutrition, the 5 "dead" foods, the 5 "live" foods, etc.

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5: 

Note: The complete speech is available as a DVD in the author's online store.


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