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Food for Thought: Does it make sense to continue spending hundreds of dollars for drugs that will lead to spending thousands of dollars for surgeries and more drugs when all you have to do is spend $24 for a book that can prevent all of this?

Benefits to You: Why You Should Choose This Program

The Death to Diabetes Program is the right program for you because:
-- It has a 97.1% success rate.
-- It is easy to follow and implement.
-- It has a simple but effective meal plan.
-- It is science-based.
-- It was developed by an ex-diabetic and engineer.
-- It addresses the root causes of diabetes.
-- It uses proven alternative therapies.
-- It provides emotional support and training.
-- It shows how to enjoy comfort foods.

If you need proof that this program works:
-- Get the free ebook and try the program.
-- Read the testimonials on Amazon.
-- Watch the videos on YouTube.
-- Listen to what doctors say about the program.
-- Join our support group.
-- Talk to other people who have used the program.


From Uncontrolled to Controlled Diabetes

Read this ebook to understand how to transform your body from a uncontrolled state (Stage 1) to a controlled state (Stage 6); and, help you determine how this diabetes program and the book will actually help you.

The 6 Stages

Author Sidebar: The Origin of This Ebook 

After my recovery, I was asked to speak at a couple of church health fairs. Eventually, I joined the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and started volunteering.

Then, I was asked to run the meetings for one of the ADA's diabetic support group,

When people kept asking me what I did every day to control my diabetes, I created a little 1-page pamphlet that listed the steps  that I performed on a daily basis.

People loved the pamphlet and the simplicity of the 10 steps so much, I had to have several hundred copies made to hand out at the meetings.

Ironically, a few years later, this 1-page pamphlet and the 10 steps turned out to become the outline for my Death to Diabetes book! Go figure ...

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