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When I was diabetic, it was very frustrating and confusing when I was trying to find information about diabetes. So, I designed my website to provide relevant information and make it easier to find information.

But, more importantly, I designed my site to make it easier to understand the information. For example, I added diagrams, flow charts and some of my PowerPoint slides from my training program because most people prefer pictures over a lot of technical words.

By understanding the information on my website about diabetes and nutrition, you will feel more confident in purchasing any of my books; plus, you will be more successful with fighting and reversing your diabetes.

This information is based on my experience and research as an engineer and an ex-diabetic who suffered with this disease, but was able to conquer and reverse this disease

And, then, I was able to use that experience and my working with diabetics in the community and for the American Diabetes Association, to write my book, Death to Diabetes.

Concerning how to use the website, hopefully, the design of the website makes it easy and self-explanatory. However, just in case it's not, here is an overview of the website's design and how to use it.

Navigation Buttons

There are several button selections at the top of the web page, just below the banner in a black region. Each selection (white text) has a drop-down menu that provides access to the key web pages of this website.

The Home button provides access to the web pages associated with reverse diabetes programs, the DTD wellness program, frequently-asked-questions (FAQs), myths about diabetes, health-related scams, and access to one of our free diabetes ebooks.

The Author button provides access to the web pages associated with the author, his story, how his mother helped and how his daughter helped him with his diabetes.

The Diabetes button provides access to the web pages associated with diabetes, prediabetes, diabetic complications, blood sugar control, blood glucose testing, other health problems, drugs, and diabetes-related scams.

The Diet button provides access to the web pages associated with the Death to Diabetes diet (nutritional program), the 5 "live" super foods, the 5 "dead" foods, the meal plate, low carb meals, recipes, meal planning, juicing, supplements, and detox.

The Testimonials button provides access to the web pages associated with email, video and audio testimonials from diabetics, doctors, Facebook members, and readers.

The Products button provides access to information about the Death to Diabetes book and various ebooks, CDs, and DVDs.

This button also provides access to our online store where you can purchase the Death to Diabetes book and other books, ebooks, CDs, MP3s and DVDs.

Some of the other (popular) books/ebooks include a diabetes ebook, cookbook, juicing book, detox book, weight loss book, diabetes management workbook, and boot camp book.

The Book Description page is especially important because it not only explains the detailed content of the book, it also explains the back-story behind the author's journey in writing the book.

The Services button provides access to information about our services such as health coaching for diabetics and online training for healthcare professionals who want to help their own diabetic clients. 

For novices, there is a web page that explains how to start your own health business or become an affiliate.

The Contact Us button provides access to our Contact Us form so that you can contact us with your questions.

About the Website

The Death to Diabetes website was designed by the author, using his engineering skills; and, after paying a web designer to design a site he didn't like.

The original website was set up as a 1-page site in 2006 with a picture of the author's book cover, a synopsis of his story, and a link to, where his book was being sold.

During the next 3 years, the author designed a 300-page website and kept that site for almost 10 years until the web host company changed to a new site builder software platform.

As a result, the author had to find a new web host company to create this new site, using about 150 pages from the old site and copying the other pages to his DTD Blog. 

How to Use Website

The Death to Diabetes website serves multiple purposes, but the primary purpose of the website is to help educate diabetics and non-diabetics about diabetes, disease, nutrition, drugs, and other health-related topics.

If you want to learn more about diabetes and other diseases, start with the Diabetes navigation button at the top. Also, If you want to know more about drugs, doctors, and other disease-related topics, select one of the topics in the drop-down menu.

If you want to learn more about nutrition and the author's reverse diet or nutritional program, start with the Diet navigation button or select one of the topics in the drop-down menu.

If you want to learn more about reverse diabetes programs and the author's diabetes program, use the Home navigation button or select one of the topics in the drop-down menu.

If you want to try out part of the program before you spend any money, select the Reverse Diabetes Steps button under the Home navigation button.

If you want to learn more about the author's story and how he reversed his diabetes, select the Author navigation button or one of the selections from its drop-down menu.

If you want to know more about various diabetes educational products offered by the author, select the Products navigation button.

If you want to know more about various diabetes services offered by the author, select the Services navigation button.

If you want to read some of the testimonials or if you want to know what others are saying about the Death to Diabetes book, select the Testimonials navigation button.

If you're ready to order the book, select the Book button under the Products navigation button.  If you want to order one of the ebooks, select the Ebooks button in the drop-down menu.

If you want to contact the author or his office with your questions, select the Contact Us navigation button.

Author's Perspective about Designing the Site

Today, my website serves multiple purposes, but the primary purpose of the website is to provide critical and helpful information to diabetics and non-diabetics about diabetes, disease, nutrition, drugs, and other health-related topics.

This information would allow you to learn about diabetes and nutrition and test part of the program to make sure it's right for you.

But, it didn't start out that way ...

Actually, I never planned to design a website. After I had finished writing the book, and after had picked up the book, I thought that there wasn't anything left for me to do. Yeah, I know -- I was really naive! :-)

My daughter thought that I should have at least a 1-page website that summarized my story. So, I finally gave in to my daughter, and started searching for web designers, but they were so expensive! And, all of them said that I needed a lot more than just one page.

Then, during the Super Bowl, there was a commercial by a company called that caught my eye. I went to their website and it looked like it would be pretty easy to design a 1-page website. In fact, they had a 5-page package that was pretty inexpensive. Because of my engineering background in graphical user interface (GUI) design, I was able to put together the one page in less than  2 hours!

The one page consisted of a picture (jpeg) of my book cover and a summary of my story, with a web link to I also included my email address and phone number as contact information, not really expecting that anyone would ever call or send me an email.

So, needless to say, I was really surprised when I started receiving phone calls and emails from complete strangers! It was starting to interfere with my work at Xerox, but it was hard to say no to people, especially when they called and sounded so desperate.

By the way, a similar thing was happening with the people I worked with at Xerox -- every day at least one or two people would stop by my office to ask me a question about diabetes or dieting. I had drawings and flow charts on my whiteboard about cells, pathology, pathogenesis, biochemistry, etc., so that also generated a lot of questions when people stopped by my office. Needless to say, I wasn't getting much (Xerox) work done! :-) But, I loved answering all the questions from everyone!

Because of all the questions from so many people, my mother felt that this was a sign (from God) -- that it was time for me to leave my job at Xerox so that I could help more people. But, I explained to my mother that helping people won't pay my mortgage and other bills. :-)

Well, long-story-short, I was laid off and I lost my cushy, high-paying job!  At that time, a web designing company had convinced me to have them design a new website for me, which they completed within a month or so. But I had no money coming in and I had just spent money on a website that I didn't really like.

I spent several months trying to get the web designers to make changes, but it was a slow, tedious, and sometimes frustrating process. It reminded me of my job as a system engineer (at Xerox) trying to get our software engineers to implement the software per the system engineering requirements that I had written for a specific design. :-)

One day I was talking to my daughter on the phone and she said: "Dad, why are you paying someone to do something that you already know how to do?" She was right. As a GUI designer I had learned how to use various object-oriented design tools which were very similar to the web design tools.

So, I got rid of the web designers, contacted for the second time, and bought their website design package. Within a week, I had set up a new website with 5 pages: Home page, Bio page, Book description page, Diabetes Overview page, and a Contact Us page.

As more and more people found out about the book, there were more and more questions about diabetes, dieting, exercise, drugs, and blood glucose testing. I was really surprised that so many strangers were calling and emailing me! For some reason, I thought that most of the phone calls would come from my friends, relatives, and other people I had met over the years. But, very few friends and no relatives bothered to call or even send an email. Hmm-mm ...

Originally, I was spending a lot of time answering the emails or talking on the phone. But, with so many questions and phone calls, it was taking up too much of my time. So, I added some additional information to the website about nutrition, diabetes, clinical studies, dieting, exercise, drugs, and blood glucose testing.

Then, there were more questions about specific foods, supplements, and herbs. So, I created additional web pages about foods, supplements, and herbs.

And, so the website continued to grow, and has continued to grow, based on the responses and feedback from diabetics around the world.

In the meantime I discovered that none of the thousands of other diabetes-related websites really provided useful information that would help diabetics improve their health and their diabetes! Most, if not all of the websites were marketing tools that tried to convince you to buy their new pill, new drug, new book, new DVD, or new wellness program -- but they didn't tell you how their program really worked!

I think that they felt that if they explained in detail how their program worked, no one would buy their program! In addition, they knew that their program didn't really work, so it didn't make sense for them to just give it away.

As a result, many diabetics have been burned by scams and empty promises from these marketeers who do a very good job at enticing you to buy their new book, new product or service -- preying on innocent, suffering people who are desperate to try to improve their health before having to face the complications of blindness, amputation, kidney dialysis, heart attack, ED, or stroke.

In the meantime, I was meeting a lot of senior citizens and lots of unemployed people who were struggling with their diabetes and just didn't have the money to buy my book. Other people who still had their jobs found themselves spending more money for healthcare, drugs, test strips, doctor visits and insurance premiums. So, I decided to provide the information about my program on my website, especially to help the unemployed or those who just couldn't afford the money for the book. I also provided the information in a 1-page pamphlet for senior citizens who didn't have a computer or didn't have access to the Internet.

All the marketing experts told me (and keep telling me) that I'm foolish and cutting my own throat by giving away my program instead of making people buy my book first. Yes, I've lost a lot of sales because of that, but I was hoping that some of those diabetics who improved their health, would tell a friend or relative. And, then, maybe that friend or relative would buy the book. Or, at least, tell another friend or relative ... And, it appears that that's exactly what is happening!

From a marketing perspective, I realize that this may not be good business (to give away the answer), but I didn't want people using money as an excuse for not getting well. Also, I felt that this information was given to me by so many diabetics that I'd met over the years. These hundreds (now thousands) of diabetics gave me an insight into diabetes that goes far beyond my years of experience. So, I feel that it is my responsibility to give it back, to pass on this information to other diabetics who are still suffering unnecessarily.

Key Point!: There is a tremendous amount of information on my website, but, my website is not set up as an educational tool! It is set up to give diabetics enough information to verify that the program is legitimate, and to give them enough confidence to purchase the book.

From a training educational perspective, you'll learn a lot more with the book and/or the online training program -- because they are purposely designed to optimize your learning experience. You can try to learn everything by bouncing around the hundreds of web page on my site, but it's not the best way to learn!

In fact, you won't find everything you need because of the way the website is designed. You can spend the next 2 months on my website, and you may not find everything.

Since part of my professional background is in technical training, I used that background to design my book to teach my clients and readers about nutrition, disease, and drugs. Then, I designed a workshop and a training program so that I could teach individuals, groups, professionals, corporations, etc. But, I did not design the website the same way -- it is primarily a resource tool.

Unfortunately, as I am now learning that was a big mistake -- my website should have been designed as a marketing tool to attract more visitors and potential customers!

Over the years, we've worked with a lot of doctors and healthcare professionals -- some are serious, some are not. The ones who are serious, get the book, and some get the training program -- because they realize that they can't learn what they need to learn by just using the website.

FYI: One of the benefits of getting the book or, especially, the training program, is that you get to learn directly from me! I conduct 1-on-1 training sessions as part of the training program. You can't gain the insight that I provide by just reading the web pages. Hopefully, you will share this with family and friends.

In addition to the thousands of diabetics out there, I hope that other people, especially the non-diabetics, will help me by passing this information on to their family and friends. And, by helping me, they help their family, their friends, their community, and eventually the World!

I know -- that's a lot of hopin'! :-) And, given what the pharmaceutical companies said and what they're now doing (convincing parents to get their children on various drugs like the statin cholesterol-lowering drugs), maybe we need more than just hope ... maybe we need to stand up for ourselves and say "No" to the drugs once and for all ...

Here are some things that I've observed about other diabetes websites. It turns out that most, if not all, of these websites:

  • Do not explain diabetes is simple layman terms that made it easier for diabetics to truly understand the disease.
  • Clearly do not explain what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. None of the websites explained how their pill, book or program will actually help you to reverse your diabetes -- you have to buy their product first.
  • Clearly do not identify the foods that were unhealthy for diabetics even if it meant taking a risk for being laughed at by the experts.
  • Do not define the optimum foods and the best type of meals for diabetics, based on the biochemistry of the human body -- instead, of based on what the experts were saying in the hundreds of other diabetes books that didn't work.
  • Do not provide any real emotional support that actually helps to reverse the diabetes.
  • Do not simplify a complex diabetes management process to make it easier and less intimidating for diabetics to implement.
  • Do not define a structured model that would make it easy for diabetics to track their progress from day to day, week to week, and month to month.
  • Do not clearly explain why diabetics remain diabetic and how to overcome this.
  • Do not provide multiple ways for diabetics to improve their diabetes.
  • Do not provide clinical references to justify any specific recommendations on the website or in the book, especially for nutrition and supplements.

Note: Because of what the pharmaceutical companies and others are doing, I've gradually begun to add more controversial topics about various foods, drugs, the pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry, insurance companies, etc. 

Design of the Death to Diabetes Website

The Death to Diabetes website is one of the few commercial websites that explains its program in so much detail that you can actually try part of the program before buying the book.

In addition, the website far exceeds other diabetes websites in terms of the amount of information about diabetes, nutrition, and other health-related topics.

Because there is so much information in this website, it may be difficult to find what you're looking for.

We recommend that you use the Navigation buttons at the top to figure out where you want to go. If you can't find something, use the Search Box (top of Home page) or contact our office.

Primary Reason for Website Redesign: Once we started doing corporate work for US and international companies plus medical research contracts and hospital training classes, we had to change the website to an "https" website for security reasons. 

Tip: If you're looking for something on a single web page, you can use the CTRL-F(ind) keys on your keyboard.

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 Disclaimer: This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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