Author's Sidebar: This was one the first times that I was interviewed about reversing my diabetes on the radio. This video contains excerpts from the 30-minute interview on the doctor's radio show.

Because the host of the show (Dr. Frederic Vagnini) knew a lot about diabetes, the interview went really well.

A funny thing happened during the interview: When I mentioned that people could just go to my website to get the information and not buy the book, Dr. Vagnini interrupted me and encouraged the audience to buy the book, because it was a well-written book about diabetes.

Key Messages | Radio Interview

Here is a summary of the key messages from the radio interview:

  • Ex-diabetic engineer reverses his Type 2 diabetes naturally
  • Engineer survives a diabetic coma and writes the book, Death to Diabetes
  • Author (DeWayne McCulley) shares his story about ending up in a coma and in the hospital, on insulin, Coumadin, statin and other drugs
  • DeWayne McCulley discusses his medical research and explains diabetes pathology  at the cellular level
  • Author discusses how he used science to define his nutritional protocol
  • Author defines the 5 "dead" foods to avoid if you're diabetic
  • Author defines the 5 "live" foods that diabetics should eat in order to reverse their diabetes
  • Author encourages that people go to his Death to Diabetes website to try his program first before buying the book
  • Cardiologist encourages people to buy the Death to Diabetes book

Because of the positive feedback from the interview, this led to a lot of book sales from the New York City area. This also led to several lecture requests from churches and other groups in the New York City area. 

I was always surprised at the positive responses and the number of book sales that occurred because of these radio interviews. 

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